Keeping an open mind

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Keeping an open mind…


Yesterday I went to a different church, to see my guardian angel neighbor, Frank play in the band there.


I was honored that he would want me to come to see him play and to see his church, which he loves as much as I love mine.


It was definitely different than my church, to start off with it was in a warehouse,  here I am looking for a building, so first shock. Okay our church was once a musical theater so it’s also not a typical “church”


I got there early and was waiting for one service to get out before the next service began, I was shocked once again at what people wore to church on a Sunday.


They were coming out in jeans, flip flops, shorts…

I originally come from a Catholic Church and we always dressed, we never wore pants on a Sunday, becoming Jewish we also never wore pants, then going to the church I am at now well, some people dress like they are going to weddings every Sunday. Being old school I also always wear a dress but I did tone it down knowing not everyone dresses like us for church.


For me its not about what you wear as much as it is a respect your giving to God in his house, it means to me, that your taking the time to show him how much you care because your putting the extra effort by not just showing up.This is just my thinking, again I am old school.


I then noticed that one brought their bibles to church….wow how did they read along…

When the band came out, wait…no choir? I noticed that no one really sang with the band, no one danced in the aisles, no one seemed to be really infused with the spirit.


One of my biggest shocks was that no one stood when the pastor came out, that would be such a sign of disrespect in our church as he was the man of God’s house.


But you know God always has a message for me and yes, today was no different than any other.

So your wondering what was the sermon about…


Well God has a sense of humor so of course the sermon was about it’s not about us, its not about where you go, or what building your in or what you wear, its all for God.


It’s not about you, its about God, doesnt matter where you go, its about you being where ever you are, being grateful, giving God praise, coming together with other’s to give thanks, its that your there….

Yes, his Pastor was great, different than mine but still he brought me to tears with his message.


Wow..yes, God definitely knows what to give me… What did I think? It had to be this way or that way? If you didn’t wear a dress or carry a bible or sing or stand, did that mean you weren’t as committed as me?


In the Catholic Church where I grew up, we said the same thing week after week, to me it was boring, there felt like there was no joy in being there, maybe others like that they know whats coming next, what to expect, they like the years of being the same.


Maybe if they came to my church they would think we were too loud, too crazy, too in your face, who did we think we were dressing like we were going to weddings?


See lesson here is… and I tell you all the time there is always a lesson in everything in life if you look for one.


The lesson here was just because someone doesn’t do it like you, doesn’t mean it wrong or right, it doesn’t mean your faith is stronger or better, it means everyone is different and it’s okay…it means that you shouldn’t have preconceived ideas about the way another worships, it’s about God, it’s always about God and always will be about him, no matter how you do it.


Now isnt that a message we all need to hear…to keep an open mind…


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life was over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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