When you know better, you do better

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When you know better, you do better


When you know better, you do better, is one of my favorite quotes from Maya Angelou because it is so true, this goes for everything in your life.


When you are young and you date a man solely based on his looks or the car he drives, you think, yeah that’s all I care about, he’s hot! Until you realize hot alone does not cut it, if he is as dumb as a rock and cant add unless he takes off his shoes, hot goes out the window.


Listening to your elders, oh that’s a big one, I remember telling my daughter one of the first times we were going to New York in the winter, that the “boots” she wanted me buy her were actually slippers.


She turned to me and said “You don’t know what your talking about, all my friends have them”

I said “What the hell do your friends know they all live in Florida!”

But because she thought she knew better than me, I bought them and that “cute coat” that was a measly windbreaker at best, to teach her a lesson.


I told her cute goes right out the window when your freezing your ass off! But she wasn’t hearing it. Needless to say it was 5 below 0 zero and sleeting when we got there and her “boots” were soaken wet, her feet were frozen and she was shaking from the cold in her “coat”


She was whining and crying that I needed to buy her new boots. I said “Ha! Not me! Remember, I’m the one that doesn’t know anything? Besides you look cute, isn’t that what you were going for, well you got it!”


Do I have to tell you she ended up buying her own boots and now she always packs warm when going away.


See how this saying goes? Especially when we were young, we would put up with things like a lying, cheating spouse, a drunk, or a gambler because “Girl, I love him”

Now that we are a grown, we know our self worth and we know that we would rather be alone that be treated like that again.


When we look back at our at our lives and look at some of the truly stupid things we’ve done all while thinking, I got this, I am “grown”

It makes us slap our heads and say “What an idiot I was” but these are all lessons we needed to learn.


The worst comes when you have children and then believe me, you are truly winging it, they come with no manual. You thought you knew what you would do and was very vocal about it as you watched others do it before you. Ha! big difference when its your kid!


It’s like when you are watching a boxing match, your yelling you suck, you should have gave him a jab, left uppercut, oh please didn’t you see that coming?


What would happen if you got in that ring? Would all your great advice still work for you? Oh hell no! you would be knocked out before the bell stopped dinging to start the fight! Get real!

Yeah, it looked easier than it really is and all you thought you’d do is suddenly gone.


Here’s the thing, you are going to screw it up and that’s okay, you are human and it is bound to happen.

But guess what? When you know better you will do better. That’s the beauty of lessons, of living life with an open mind, you will constantly learn new things, that is what makes us grow.


So today my friends, don’t be so hard on yourself, its okay, you will screw up, you will fall on your face.

Hell, I do it all the time and then I put it out there for the world to see, so you can certainly tell your best friend or your pastor or counselor, who ever it is, it’s okay to talk about it, to learn from it.


Remember everything we go through is a lesson, it just wasted if we get nothing from it, so learn your lesson, then let it go and just know that when you know better you will do better!


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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