Let it go already

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Let it go already…


These last 2 weeks of being home taught me a lot of lessons, one of the biggest ones was to let shit go…seriously… people hold on to all kinds of crap.


I caught up with someone up there and they were going on and on about this one or that one, I was like, didn’t this happen in high school? That was 30 something years ago and your still mad and talking about it? Seriously??


They hold on to grudges from 40 plus years ago.

“Oh so and so did this to me 40 years ago and I will never forgive them”


Really? Do you think they are thinking of you and your petty grudge? Oh Hell no, they could care less, its only effecting you, you can’t move on, you cant get past it, it’s not about them anymore its about you.


Your upset at a family member they said hurtful things, they screwed you over, so for years you are holding on to the hurt and the anger and they are going on living.They have no idea that every time you think of them you get pissed nor do they care.


Your mother sucked, your father drank and beat you, your best friend cheated with your ex, your business partner screwed you out of money, your ex was a son of a bitch….insert your sob story here, we all got one, it’s how you let it effect you that counts.


Yes, if anyone, I could be the mayor of this parade, with all the people that hurt me and screwed me over but I chose not to. I have let it go, I chose to let it go, to forgive them, its for me not for them, I chose to move on.


I refuse to give it power over me, I refuse to hold on to something that is not useful anymore, for what? They don’t care that your mad, they don’t think of you, they have forgotten all about it or maybe just maybe they changed, maybe they were young and stupid, maybe they grew up, maybe it was different in your mind then in theirs….oh ever thought about it that way?


No, because it’s about you and your pain, its yours for so long, it’s become who you are…like saying I’m Francesca…I’m a rape victim…it’s a badge you wear.

I am not a rape victim, rape was something that happened to me, it doesn’t define me, it’s not who I am.


If I went around for 40 years and said to everyone, I am a rape victim then it would be part of me, it would be who I am.


See I even forgave him,

yup believe it or not, I let it go, I freed myself.

Now come on, if I could forgive the man who raped me, don’t tell me you cant forgive your family member for saying something stupid 25 years ago.


So today my friends, what are you holding on to? Has it been so long that it defines you? Is it your badge now? How is it benefiting you? What are you getting out of it?

Be truthful, be real, if you are, you will let it go…there is an amazing world out there why spend it angry and bitter…life is way to short…let it go already.


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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