Let it go. …

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Let it go…


I’ve learned a lot in the last two years since my divorce. There have been plenty of lessons I have learned. Some not so hard, some incredibly hard but I feel that I needed to learn them all in order for me to grow.


One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned is to let it go… yes, I learned I can’t hold on to old hurts, disappointments, anger or hatred. I have other things to focus on and I need to free myself of all of that negativity in order to grow.


It was so clear to me yesterday when I went to a ring ceremony for my little one. She got her class ring and it was a thing her school put on. It was also the first time I would see her dad and his family all together after the divorce. 


I have already forgiven him for all he had done to me in our marriage and I owned and forgiven myself for my part. I have moved on to this amazing life I am living and hoped he had moved on as well.


Another lesson I learned yesterday not everyone is at your level. He never said a word to me, this was our daughters day and he never a knowledge me…really? I went over and said hello to everyone, I asked about their lives and I was genuine in the fact that I missed them. 


Look you can’t be part of a family for 24 years and not miss them. This had nothing to do with them,

I get that this is their blood but I didn’t now nor before have a issue with them.


Even though they all spoke to me, he didn’t…all I kept thinking of was that song…

“Let it go…let it go” 

Come on this was for our daughter, cant you get over yourself and let it go?


Wouldn’t it been nice that we all celebrated this day together? Why is it that I couldn’t have been invited to the celebration with them? Because he is still harboring anger and resentment for me for asking for the divorce and being happy? 


Really? I’ve let it go and God knows he did way more hurtful stuff to me, yet I found a way to get past it. These are our children, cant you a least make a effort for them?


I would do anything for my girls, even things I wouldn’t want to, I would still do for them. I don’t talk bad about their father, I always make sure they are involved in his family functions, I want them to have a relationship with all of them. This was our issue not theirs, they shouldn’t be made to pick sides.


But I have to learn not everyone is like me, not everyone can move on…not everyone can let it go even for the sake of your kids…


So today my friends I wish for you is to learn to “let it go” life is too short,don’t hold grudges, don’t hold on to hatred and even if someone is acting that way to you…walk away and let it go…


“Be the change you want to see”


” And just when the caterpillar thought his life was over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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