Let’s talk about the crazy

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Let’s talk about the crazy

Yes,unfortunately there will be some people in your life that are crazy. My bestie says the crazy doesn’t come out until you date someone for at least 6 months, I believe that, your on your best behavior but that 6 month mark it’s getting harder and harder to keep the act up and BAM here comes the crazy!

But in today’s world crazy can be really scary, I knew two friends that were killed because of crazy ex’s, I myself was stalked for months, I didn’t  know who it was but he certainly knew everything  about me, where I lived, who I walked to school with, my routine, he told me he was going to slit my throat and other unmentionable things,for months I looked over my shoulder, I never went anywhere alone, I was petrified, it turned out to be a guy I just dated for a few weeks,who knew? crazy and scary.

Now my daughter ex has turned, he’s calling all her friends, he blocked his number and calls all night long into the wee hours of the morning, he follows her, he shows up where she is at and the most recent thing he did was hack into her school account and mess up her grades by taking tests and assignments wrong.

I don’t get it someone breaks up with you, it’s over, my motto  their loss not yours.They lost a good thing and the next person  will be getting you, a gem.
Move on, get over it, hell even when I was lied to, conned and cheated on by Mr Con Artist, after I busted him in the head with his phone and broke it, threw his crap into the street and left him to walk back to the airport with 2 days remaining on his trip here, it was over, don’t  call me again, no second chances, its over, finished, caput, done,adios sucker,your outta here!

Yet some people can’t let go,they don’t get the concept of its over, and that’s when the crazy comes in full force.
So let me give you some warning signs and trust me they are always signs..

1. Trust your judgment, if your senses are screaming or even whispering listen!!

2. Are they quick to jump off  the handle and then quick to apologize?

3.Are they controlling, wanting to know who your with, your every move?

4. Do they separate you from friends  and family?

5. Does 2 +2 don’t add up yet your still making excuses for all the things they are telling you, you always justify it?

6. There is something not right but you can’t put your finger on it?
7. Are they insanely jealous even for no reason?

If you answered any of these questions yes, Run Forest run, pack your stuff and get out of town,God gave you that gift of sense for a reason, use it!

So today my friends  listen to your inner voice, know when  something is off, get out quick,the crazy is coming and you don’t want to stick around  for the full show.


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