Life is tough, you be tougher

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Life is hard, you be harder


Today’s blog is dedicated to my beautiful daughter and her wonderful boyfriend and to all the young people out there, who are struggling.


People who right now, think that life is really tough, who are having a hard time making it, they can’t find a job, school is rough or they are worried about how they are going to pay for it. Maybe like my daughter they have no idea what they want to do with the rest of their lives.


They want to move out, yet they don’t have enough money to move out, things are way too expensive out there.


All of the things that life throws at us each and every day that we all have to deal with but being so young, they have no idea how to cope with.


They should throw out the bullshit courses in school and teach real life things they need, like money management, how to deal with stress, how to apply and keep a job, real life things, that would be useful later on.


I truly feel bad for them, they are trying to find jobs, find themselves, find out their purpose in life but I truly feel bad because I know what real stress is.


Real stress is how are you paying the rent, how you have 50.00 to your next payday and that’s 2 weeks away and you need gas, food and stuff for your kids.

Real stress of kids, a husband your fighting with, bills, losses of people you love and unforseen storms that keep pounding at you.


If you can’t handle this now, how are going to handle the big stuff? You have to be tougher, you have to adapt a fighters mentality.

(Yes, lots of fighting references this week, I am a huge boxing fan!)


You have to know that even if you get knocked down, the fight is not over. You can be bloodied, you can be beat up, you can feel like you can’t get punched once more, that every fiber in your body wants to quit but the fighter deep inside won’t let you, you are going to fight until your last breathe.


You will not give up, you will not quit…you will chant…

“I can, I must, I will”


Over and over until you find that strength to come back in the 12th round and pound his ass!


To surprise him and everyone else who bet against you, who talked shit about you, who said you couldn’t do it!


“There… now what you got to say? No, shit talking now…didnt think I could do it huh? Ha!”


Yes, you may be down now but your not out, this is a test, this will build your character, this will make the testimony that much better. There is always someone out there worst off then you, find them, help them, give them hope, know it will be okay.


Learn faith, whatever that faith may be to you, learn that when you believe anything can happen, it will.

That no dream is too big if your believe, look for the lessons and learn them now, because you will need them later on.


Know if you work hard, if you never stop believing, even in the worst storms, that it will be okay.

Listen to me…it will be okay….

It looks dark now, you feel lost, it’s hard …it feels like it would be easier to just give up…

Believe me, I hit rock bottom….not once but twice. I know the darkness, I know what it feels like to want to throw in the towel and end the fight but you have no idea how it feels to dig deep and pull out a strength from above, to come back and be a winner, to say Ha! So there!


To reach your goals and dreams, to know you have a true fighters heart and spirit.


So today my friends, today my incredible daughter and her amazing boyfriend…remember life is tough sometimes, it may knock you down, but your not out, life maybe tough but you are tougher!


I believe in you, you can and will do it…and the result will be amazing…trust me!

The harder the fight, the tougher the warrior you will become!!


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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