Listening to the voice inside of you

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Listening to that voice inside of you

I write this blog every day not because I know anything better than anyone else because believe me I don’t, it’s so that I can tell my story to others, so I can show you it’s okay to fall on your face and get back up over and over and over again and I have done just that in front of the whole world.

I write this blog so that we may learn lessons together and that I may share the lessons I’ve learned with others. Some lessons for me are harder than others, I am a little slow, it takes me a few tries before I get something through my thick head.

Here’s one I’ve been working at for a while…listening to that inner voice, really listening and then following it. When I say “voice ” it may not be an actual voice you hear, it may be a feeling, a sickness in your stomach, just intuitively knowing this isn’t right,your hair stands up, you get goosebumps, chills, whichever way it comes to you that is your “voice”

When I met my ex husband I heard the voice, I saw the flags but I was “in love” my ego wouldn’t let me go home with my tail between my legs so I stayed. I have not said things or did things not to “offend” people, I wanted them to like me or not get mad at me, even though the inner voice told me different.

I didn’t want to listen to the inner voice when I took a job after God showed me that I could do this business I started, I was scare, just getting divorced I needed a steady income, so yet again I went against the voice and what happened they fired me after one day! Yup just in time for God to have plenty of people calling for my services of my own business. Yes, I couldn’t make this crap up!

When I meet Mr. Con artist I heard that voice, it was telling me run,run… but I was so starved for love and affection, I  was broken, vulnerable, I chose not to listen even after all of my friends said things, I still didn’t listen  (I did say before I was hard headed didn’t I? )
And look how that turned out..

About  buying my house I wanted what I wanted, when i wanted it. I didn’t listen, so God closed every door in my face, over and over until I had no other choice then to sit and wait and listen and when I did he opened an even better, cheaper one for me just like he said he would.

So why do I keep fighting against the voice?  I don’t trust my judgment, I am afraid, I am not sure if what I am feeling is true just like you out there reading this, I get it , I preach about faith and believing yet I am human and I stumbled and fall.
Over and over this feeling, this voice tells me what to do and when I don’t listen, God steps in and closes another door so that I may find the right one myself.

Last night I realized that I can no longer not listen to this voice, this voice knows what is best for me and sometimes you have to step out into faith, it may not work out for you the way you imagined it but from past experiences I know it works out way better than you could have ever dreamed for yourself.

So today my friends,step out, listen to that “voice” whatever way it comes to you and follow it, this is your gift, we are all born with it, we chose not to use it. Use it, listen to it, do it, don’t be afraid…look how many times I fell flat on my face (go back to old blogs there are plenty) it’s makes you stronger, wiser and better, trust me I know, let fear go and take this leap of faith with me!! Wheeeeeeee……

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