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Enjoying life to the fullest


For the last 9 days I’ve been on vacation to Antigua where we did practically nothing. Yes, we did the obligatory jet skiing, a jeep ride to the top of the island, a catamaran ride around the islands, snorkeling and a tour of the islands top sites.


It was an amazingly beautiful island, the food was excellent, the people were friendly and the beaches were unbelievable.


But for the most part we chilled, laid by the beach, swam, laughed, drank and took in all of God’s beauty.

We enjoyed each others company and I gave thanks for all he did to make my birthday unforgettable. Bring grateful he is in my life and that we could be sharing this amazing time together.


I am that person that works hard and plays harder but sometimes you need to chill. We don’t get that here, we Americans are constantly on the move, bigger, faster, more money…we want it and we want it now!


In Europe they know how to chill, to sit with friends, to enjoy life. I was amazed when I was there, they live in the moment and that’s what I have been trying to do since my trip there.


Stop thinking about what you need to do, enjoy that coffee with a loved one, leave the laundry on a spurĀ  of the moment trip to the beach with your kids. Drop everything when a friend calls and says they are in town, leave dinner on the stove when a friend asks you to go out. Yes, live in the moment, you don’t know if that friend will be here tomorrow, Hell, you don’t know if you will be here tomorrow, live now!


So yes, I have been blessed with a lot of traveling this year and yes, I jumped at every opportunity as I don’t know when it will come my way again.


I am not dying with any regrets. “Oh I should have done this or that…I wish I would have…”

No! I am sliding into my grave screaming weeeee… what a frigging ride!


I want to live feeling grateful for every moment, for every laugh, for every tear, for everything and everyone in my life. I want to have a giving heart and try to see the best of people no matter how many times I may get hurt.


Yes, I will continue to be Tinker bell believing in fairy tales…say what you want but I am happy, happy with myself, my life and my actions…how many of you can honestly say that?

Without adding….I’d be happy when I get a new job, with a boyfriend, with more money, when I lose weight…insert your excuse here…


No, happy right now, maybe without “things” without a relationship, without anything just happy and grateful for now?


So today my friends remember life is too short, live large, laugh often, love big because you never know when this ride will be over. How do you want to be going with regrets or screaming “What a frigging ride!”

The choice is yours, choose wisely.


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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