Living life to the fullest

The other day someone posted on my pictures “wow, you sure do enjoy life” I stopped and thought about it and realized that yes, I truly do enjoy my life to the fullest. 


I guess it takes being miserable for so many years and then the sudden loss of my mother to put things into perspective, that life is too short and that you must live it!


I remember years ago one day while I was watching Oprah, here was this guest who had to keep her house perfect, all of the kids dolls had to face a certain way, toys had to be put back in order. 


She spent most of her day cleaning and making sure it was just so, when Oprah asked her so when you are gone do you think your kids are going to have wonderful memories of your clean house or how you spent time with them.


That was my “ah ha” moment, I was that women, I was more worried about how my house looked, what my husband thought than enjoying my girls, at that moment I decided to enjoy life, so when my girls said” mommy can we go to the park, or we feel like going to the beach, I left the house, because it will be there later, but this time with my girls is too short, they grow up too fast and I wanted to be present in the moment with them.


I chose not to work, to stay home with them not to keep my house clean but to be there with them, so that they would have wonderful memories of us doing things together not of how clean their house was.


I left my marriage after my mom passed away and I made a promise to myself that I would no longer wake up and cry because I was so sad, I would no longer live a lie, I would enjoy every second, I would be grateful for every day God has given me, I would tell my family and friends how much I love them.


If my family or my friends come to town, yes I drop everything to spend tine with them why? Is my laundry more important? What I can’t do errands next week? I want to see them, spend time with them its not all about work, cleaning or all the other stuff that goes along with that, its about memories, the love , the laughter, the good times you share with the people you love, that is what life is truly about.


I love my life and I want to enjoy every second of it, so yes I am going to continue to live life large,  I am going leave the dishes in the sink and laugh my way all the way to to the beach.



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