Living through the mess

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Living through the mess

Being a professional organizer it’s been really hard living through the mess of moving and remodeling. I am a neat freak and like everything in its place, this makes me want to scream! But there is nothing you can do but pray you won’t go crazy and do one day at a time.

You feel unstable, everything is half complete and you have no control of the situation as you are in the mercy of contractors, painters and tile people and that my friends sucks!

My tile guy Joe Piazza took longer than expected because of the holiday’s but he was worth it, he did an unbelievable job and was an incredible help to me as well. 754-224-0209 He has a waiting list get on it now!

The plumber ripped me off, Mike Green aka “Mr.Service” and then still didn’t do the job right, a very expensive lesson learned for me. My painter then had another job and has left me unfinished until everything else  is done and my kitchen guy must think because I am a women I must be dumb as I am fighting with him about what a built-in refrigerator looks like.

Yesterday alone, Lowe’s couldn’t install the dishwasher because of the job the plumber was supposed to do but yet again didn’t do. The dryer couldn’t fit in the space where it was supposed to go and had to be sent back, the electrician didn’t finish his job and the cabinet guy is fighting with me that 4 inches of the refrigerator showing is a built-in I paid extra for is normal!! Wtf !!

I am supposed to move in in two days and I have no dishwasher, no dryer, no refrigerator, my kitchen is half done as well as my painting  and I want to scream and did yesterday.

I am beyond exhausted, doing so much of the work myself, I am drained emotionally, physically and mentally besides my wallet.

But if you know me I have to look on the bright side of everything so with that being said I am almost all packed and all the boxes are already at the new house unpacked thanks to my amazing friends and family.  My girlfriend Kelly’s husband Mark, the contactor is still there doing stuff for me, God bless them both for all the help.
  Pines Total Construction
Call him he’s the best!
And in a few days I will be living in my, I never thought this could happen, definitely a God miracle home. So I feel blessed.

Yes, in a few months this will all be a thing of the past and I will look back and laugh…I hope !
In the meantime I will smile and pray some more that I can move into a working house in 2 days until then I will keep treaking  along knowing the end is in sight.

So today my friends my advice to you is buy a house already done, ok  if you truly want to go through this know this before you start:

1- Nothing will ever get done on your time frame.

2-You have to know your prices, do research, know what your getting into.

3- Get everything in writing and don’t think because they go to church that, that makes them unscrupulous or that you can trust everyone.

4- Have a back up plan, see lesson 1.

5- Have a sense of humor, it’s all to overwhelming, you have to laugh otherwise you will cry.

These are my tips for surviving a remodel and moving, I hoped these helped now excuse me I need to reread this myself.

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