Looking for Mr.Healthy

Tuesday Treadmill Treats

I am looking for Mr . Healthy

Being single in today’s world is a trip! Years ago when we were kids the most important thing was “Is he cute?”

Then as we became teenagers it was “Was he cute and could he afford to buy us a slice of pizza?” (Hey, I’m from New York, pizza was important!)

As you got a little older it was “Was he cute and does he have a car?”

As we got into college it became about “Was he cute and which parties could he get you into”

After college things started to change, we started not to worry so much about cute but about, would he be a good provider and would he be a good dad, could we count on him for stability.

Sometimes some of us made the right decision, some times not so much.

In this faze of our lives when so many of us may have chosen wrong so many times in the past…Hello!! I raise my hand over and over, just read my blogs, we are now questioning ourselves and the choices we made.

We awoke one morning to say “Is this all there is? What is my purpose?”

 And so we go on a spiritual journey to find ourselves. Some of us, like myself, read all kinds of self help books, we went to classes, got into meditation, started yoga, went back to the gym. We started

really looking deep inside ourselves to find what we want, what we need and to find who we truly are.

This journey took me four years, two years before being separated and two years after to find me, to like myself again, to be healthy and to be healed from all the hurt I endured during my twenty four years in an abusive marriage.

  It was only after that, when I knew I was ready to date, I knew who I was, what I needed and what is a deal breaker for me.

I need healthy, someone who went through his own journey, who is whole inside and out. I am not looking for perfect as I am far from that myself, but  there are things I want.

I want someone that doesn’t party, those days are long gone for me, someone that believes in God and goes to church, as that is huge for me. Someone that thinks their body is their temple and works to keep it healthy, someone that has a kind heart and soul.

Its not about the looks (okay, see it’s not on the top of the list anymore)

It’s not about the money (been that done that, money doesnt make you happy, trust me.)

Its not about the places they can take you or things they can buy you.

No, its about are they healthy mentally and physically, did they do the work to get there and do they know how hard the journey was to get to this place of peace and joy and what it takes to stay there, even through the storms of life.

I know where I am at and this time I will not settle.

I’ve been through too much and learned too much along the way to settle for unhealthy. I am not here to fix someone else, they need to have fixed themselves.

 So today my friends, find out who you are, did you put in your own work? Are you healthy and whole? Are you still carrying baggage from the past?

Then ask yourself, if so, if you did your work, if you took the long journey to being healthy, then why are you settling?

You’ve done the work, don’t you deserve the prize? If you don’t think you do, then maybe there is more work you need to do.

“Be the change you want to see”

“And just when the caterpillar thought his life was over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”

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