Love and compassion what we all need to learn

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Love and compassion…. what we all need to learn.


Today on the end of this weeks series of Love and compassion I leave you with this…what have we learned with all that has happened since the presidential elections?


See I am a big believer in lessons, everything we go through, everything that happens to us, it is all to teach us lessons. Either your willing to look for the lesson and learn from it or you stay stagnant in your life and in your spiritual growth.


This is a choice…see the running theme here? Everything is a choice, your choice, you get to choose…


You can choose to be bitter or you chose to let it go.


You can choose to be full of hate or you chose to love one another.


You can choose to think your better than others or you can chose to have compassion for others.


See the choices are yours, you get to chose what kind of person you are, what you want the world to see, what you want to leave as your legacy.


I chose to love everyone, even my enemies. I choose to have compassion for people, to reach my hand out to help others, to put my life out there each and every day to get laughed at, criticized and even put down for being honest and real but I do it so that maybe just maybe it will help someone else see no matter how many times you fall you can get back up, start over, still love.


Yes, I am no different from anyone else, I just choose to be like this, I chose not to be negative and mean like my grandma who lived with us, this is a choice, my choice.


I hope all this foolishness about the election is over and we all realize its not who is president, its not what they promised

(hate to bust your bubble but their all full of shit!)


It’s about what you, just you can do to make a change, what kindness can you show to others, what news that shows people loving and being kind to strangers can WE make viral, maybe if the media showed more random acts of kindness, people would follow suit.


Maybe one kind thing would pass on to another, then another, then another …and who knows maybe we can change all of this hatred into love, one act at a time.


We have to start somewhere people, its either that or we are going to destroy this planet.


So as little as my part may be,

I will continue to be positive, to love others as I love myself and I am going to show compassion to every human being as we are no different from one another, we all grieve, we all love, we all have hopes and dreams, we all want the best for our families, a better life than we had and we all bleed red…


Yes, we all bleed red whether we are Democrats or Republican, we are white or black, we are Christian or Muslim. We are gay or straight, we believe or not…we still are one, we still all bleed red.


So today my friends remember this, without love and compassion we are lost as a planet, it doesn’t matter who won or lost, we will be lost as the human race, lets make the change together.

Let’s start with one random act of kindness, lets be the change we want to see.


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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