Love people for who they are

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Love people for who they are…


Some people look at me and my friends and shake their heads, they can’t imagine the friends I keep company with.


I have friends that are church people, friends that were locked up, friends that were addicts, friends that are not christian, friends that are black, white, Spanish, a rainbow of colors in my life.


I see what so many people cannot let themselves see past…I see their hearts, I  see their souls…I see the person so many people may have written off because of the package it comes in.


But I don’t let the package scare me off, because I  feel their love, their huge hearts that people pass by, I see under that rough exterior, a kind and giving soul, who would be there for you, have your back through thick and thin.


I know what it like to be judged for who you hung out with, for the sins of your past, I still remember the pain of church people years ago, looking down at me when I was trying to get my life together, at people who didn’t know me passing judgement on rumors they heard about me, all through school.


I remember the whispering as they walked by, saying I was a whore while I was actually a virgin.

I remember people saying Look how she screwed up her life with drugs, that I would never amount to anything.


Yes, I know this and so I would never do that to another human being.

What you see is not always what you get…


I remember my little one telling me to look at this picture, it was one of a man who looked like a biker dude, tatted up, do rag, leather jacket…tough and  mean, that is what you would have taken away from the photo.


“Mom, he’s a famous cardio doctor who works on premie baby’s hearts, see you would have never guessed that because the world would judge him on the exterior”


Yes, my girls are listening and learning by my example…you never know.


Church people are the worst…yes, I am going there… they look down their righteous noses at someone like that, someone they don’t deem worthy to be gracing “their church”


Yes, my “church husband” doesn’t look the church part, he looks like where he came from…the streets. If you saw him outside of church, you would cross the street.

Yet when I came to that church and every week and the usher sat us next to each other, I felt his pain, why? Because I was in pain and I knew what pain looked like.


I felt his heart not his exterior, I felt his tears that he never showed, I knew that we were the same, both looking for a better way, trying to change, to be better ….yet all the outside world saw was a thug and a crazy white women in a black church.


Week after week we were seated next to each other and I learned that yes, all I thought about him was true but there was so much more to him, if you were willing to look deeper. He had a deep love for the lord and his family, he’s a poet, a writer with a deep passion for words. He has a huge heart, he’s a big softie with a giving spirit but you would never gotten all of this because your not willing to see past the outside.


My dear friends Gee and Frank, definitely not who you would think of them to be. Frank is this rock and roll, long hair rocker dude yet he is the kindest soul, he is my guardian angel who God brought into my life and yes, he is in a band but not in a metal band like you would think… he’s in a band in his church!


Gee looks like he will stab you, he is big, full of tats, hat on backwards looking thug but he was there for me with a helping hand as soon as I moved in, I can call him at 4 am and he’s there, he is a big softie with a deep love and respect for me and girls.


So today my friends, remember you never know what is inside that person, its like when you first get a diamond from a mine, its ugly it doesn’t look like much, most people would throw it away, but when you look deep, when you really see it, polished, its a work of art, its beautiful and valuable yet you would have missed all of that because you were focused on the outside.


Dont miss your chance on having a diamond in your life, you just love people for who they are…easy as that.


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life was over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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