Love people for who they are….

One of the great lessons I learned from going home this summer was that you need to accept people for who they are. Yes we all have faults, we are not perfect maybe your husband or wife have many wonderful qualities but they are a slob, or absent minded you still realize the great qualities out way the bad.My dad would drive me nuts , saying things over and over, he didn’t know where the refrigerator was even though it was in the same place for thirty years! But on cold winter nights when my mom went to work he would go and shovel the snow and warm her car, he would polish her shoes and have them ready, he made coffee for her every morning so yes he was a pain in the butt but he had a good heart. 

I am blessed to have many, many friends and they all have different personalities, good qualities and bad but I look at each friend and see the wonderful things.

I have one friend who can tell the biggest stories you don’t know whats true and whats not but he has the biggest heart and would  give you the shirt off his back,my other friend will promise he will call but disappear for a week or more calling as if nothing had happened but he is a softie, has a huge (no not ego, okay maybe but that’s not what I was going to say!) Personality ! He lites up the room and you cant help but like him even if sometimes he makes you want to scream!

So do you cut someone out of your life because they have faults,  if those faults are causing you pain, yes! if there bad qualities out way their good , yes! If they are sucking all your positive energy,run like Hell! 

All of us have things we would like to change, I would love not to curse at stupid drivers, I try but…. I would love to have more patient,  I want it done now! (Kinda learned that one its Gods time not mine ) but its still hard. Just take the time to see all of the person all the good in their soul to see who they truly are.

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