Make the most of every opportunity

Thursday Treadmill Treats


Make the most of every opportunity


You never know what is going to happen, you never know who you will meet, who will walk into your life and change it forever.


I am not just talking about in love, I am talking about in life. You wrote a book and start talking to a publisher on the grocery line and bam before you know it your on the New York times bestselling list.

You have an idea for an invention and meet someone at a party and all of a sudden your on QVC. You been single for years determined to stay that way and in walks your soul mate into Starbucks.


You never know what is going to happen, how in one second your life can change, look at lottery winners, one minute they are struggling to put food on the table, the next they can help out everyone they know.


See I never think this is it, I’ve seen change, more than than I even wanted to but it was all for the best. Somehow it all worked out for my good and even when it didn’t, I still learned a lesson from it.


I was afraid of change, I was so stuck in my situation that I never thought I would get out. Just thinking about change scared me, bringing me right back to that safe, horrific corner I lived my life in.


It wasn’t until I said enough! Enough is enough and I didn’t care if I lived on the streets, I was determined that I was going to be happy.


Yes, the change is you, you must say… I am changing, I will see this world through eyes that maybe have been hurt, maybe wasn’t so great but I am determined to make the second half my best half.


Change means you take every opportunity, you step out of your box, do things you wouldn’t normally do. You say this life is too short, I will have an open mind, I will try new things, I will be open to trying.


That is when opportunities will present themselves, that is when that dream you dream doesn’t seem so big or impossible.

I will never give up on my dreams, until my last breath I will hold on to the possibility of anything can happen.


I have role models, Colonel Sanders Was 65 When He Launched Kentucky Fried Chicken

Roget Invented the Thesaurus at Age 73. Vera Wang was 40 before anyone noticed her, it’s never too late for dreams to come true.


So today my friends remember, it is never too late, your never too old, change is scary but it makes you grow, it gives you the ability to know you can and will overcome, it tells others watch me…I will never quit!


You never know there might an amazing opportunity behind the next door…don’t be afraid, open that door….step out into your incredible future…


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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