Making up for lost time

Thursday Treadmill Treats


Making up for lost time


Someone asked me if I worked last week on my Facebook page, because I mentioned I was packing to go away again.


Now I know if your truly my friend, you would never ask that question because you would know I work 12 to 14 hours days. That some nights I get done at 10 or 11 pm to tired to even eat, just dropping into bed.


You would know I am the hardest working person you will meet, I work 3 jobs for God’s sake. But besides me wanting to ask if they paid my bills or if I was coming to them for money, which I didn’t. I had to reply that I work as hard as I play.


Yes, I travel alot, yes, I go out with my friends alot, yes, I leave the dishes and the dirty clothes to be in the moment with my girls, I live life large.


Why? Because I am making up for lost time, I am trying to cram all I can in the second half of my life because I missed the last 24 years being misrable.


I am filled with a peace and joy I couldn’t even imagined and I am not going to waste a minute, a second sitting around. I am going to see and do all I can for as long as I can and yes, you will say what you want, but let’s get one thing straight this is my life and I will continue living it my way.


I had to answer to someone forĀ 24 years, I had to put my wants and needs away to give into his, my children, the “people” who may say some something. Those days are over, my kids are adults, I did my job and did it well, now my life is mine, about me.


I have a whole vision board of places I am going, things I am going to do. I am living my bucket list in living color!


I will not be like so many people with regrets of I should have, could have no, I will not have regrets, I will live my life my way without answering to anyone.


So if this bothers you, delete me because there will many more trips, including this one I am off to now, to the Bahamas for a church retreat.


And trust me there will be many more moments I will enjoy, many more memories I will be making with my friends and family.


So for all you out there asking if I work, my question to you is do you live?

Are you truly living your life to the fullest? Are you making memories that will last a lifetime and when that day comes when you are called home will you be screeching into the grave screaming “What a ride!!”

I can tell you that is definitely going to be me because I am making up from lost time.


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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