Maybe there are no princes….maybe i should go for cinderella

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Maybe there are no princes…maybe I should go for cinderella


Yesterday I wrote about waiting for my prince but I have to tell you I am not sure sure there are any princes left.

If you are single now a days, you know what I am talking about, there are way more toads then princes out there.


I have been stood up, catfished, lied to ie; I am fit  (yeah, your fit… fit into xxl)

I have been played, your in, your out, your hot, your cold.

I have had my heartbroken, I have fell in love and not had loved returned.


I have been asked to spank a guy with a wooden spoon, asked to be tied up, had them talk about sex (even though it clearly and boldly says I am not looking to hook up in my profile)

I even got sent pictures of their junk! Really??

And this was all before I even met these guys!


Yuggg…. prince’s?  No more like kings…of freak please!!


They treat us all like pieces of ass, cherp,cherp girls like Steve Harvey calls them.

Guys getting into a car and pushes the alarm button ,cherp, cherp and then gets in, leaving us standing there waiting for them to open up the car door…wtf?

Yes, there are no princes out there if they are, their horses are lost in some dam forrest, in today’s society they no longer exist.


They say I am too picky…I don’t care about money…been there done that. I don’t care about status, also been there. I don’t care about what they do for a living…isn’t that the big three?


What I do care about is that they share my faith, that they are faithful, kind, funny, that we enjoy alot of the same things, that they are self confident, not jealous, no drama. That are in some kind of shape as I am very active and want to enjoy working out,bike riding,surfing, hiking with someone that I enjoy their company.

Is that too picky? Really?

Sorry I will be alone if that’s the case.

I refuse to settle or go back to the life I had before, unhappy but I had a man… not happening!

I love myself and I have alot of friends and peace and joy in my life…I would like a man, but I don’t need one to complete me or make me happy.


So today my friends, I will  still keep looking because I am a optimist and truly am a romantic but I got tell you cinderella is looking better and better at this point….


“Be the change you want to see”


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