Missing my dad

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Missing my dad

Today is 34 years my dad has been gone and there’s not a day I don’t miss him.
He was taken from us way to soon, he was young, 45 and vibrant, he was cool, he drove fast cars, he wore silk shirts, he was funny, his heart was huge, he was the best dad a girl could have.

A year ago on this date I got my divorce and I got my new home, it was no longer a sad day, it was a day for rejoicing, a day my father looked down from heaven and gave me a helping hand to start my new life.

There have been so many times in my life where he has missed out, walking me down the isle of my wedding, the birth of my girls, when I was stuck in that horrible marriage, I wished I had him to talk to , to turn to.

When I finally got my voice and my courage to leave and all I have become since that.
This trip to Greece, I wish I could talk to him and show him how happy I am now.

Being in Greece with my childhood best friend, something I have dreamed about for years was surreal but the whole time among the beauty and the ruins, I felt like my parents were looking down on me, smiling, knowing how truly happy I am in my life and how grateful I am for all of it.

I take none of this for granted, as I better than anyone know how short life is, I have lost more people than one person should have to endure. One day your here and the next your gone, just like that.

I make it my mission each day to tell the people I have in my life how much they mean to me that I love them and appreciate them.  I don’t ever want to have regret that I should have…could have…

No, I bought flowers to my mom one a week while she was alive, I tell my girls how much I love them, how beautiful they are , that they are capable of doing anything. I tell my family and friends I love them every time I speak to them, I let them know now while they can hear me, not afterwards while they are gone and your filled with regrets.

So today my friends tell someone how much you love them, how much they mean to you because you never know when they will be gone.


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