Much is required at the next level

If you know my story, you know how far I’ve come, you read about the peace I have found in my life and what a long and horrible road it took me to get here.

One thing I’ve realized is that I never, never want to lose this peace.  So this dating thing brings a lot more than happiness, it also brings baggage, past baggage, yours and his.

And with this comes drama, drama from exs who cant and wont move on but this is not my problem, my problem is to stay on this path with God to continue my peace not to be dragged to the gutter from which I’ve worked so hard to come up from.

God wants all of us to grow , if your not growing, your not in the will of god, “to someone that has been giving much, much is required.”

You cant let anything get in the way of your growth

I always say everything I need to hear , when I go to church I get the message I need. This week I’ve been praying I had a lot of things on mind and I realized that these things have been taking away my peace and I need to go to my next level and I need to get there with my peace intact.

You know your at the next level when you no longer worry about where your at, where the next month rent is coming from, you have peace , you know it will be okay.

When you wake up and the song on the radio says “no weapon formed against you shall prosper” and you know that message is for you!

Growth is painful, its the losing of ones self  but if your anchored in God, you cant get blown over.

How faithful will you be when god tests you? When you are losing your peace do you Stop! You will not take me peace , you have to go, my god comes first”

There is a song I love “I will not go back, I’ve worked to hard I will never go back” that is me, I will stand my ground.

I will erase who ever I have to out of my life to keep what I have fought for, this walk is not about me , its about what God has planned for my life and I have way to much to give to him for all he has done for me to let anything or anyone get in my way!

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