My dad’s my hero’s. ..

I was blessed to have two dads my real dad and my step dad both who were the most amazing men.

They both served in the arm forces, my dad was in the Navy and my step dad was in the Air Force, he was in the plane that dropped the bomb on Japan. They always talked about serving their country with pride. My step dad was part of the veterans clubs , vf, and marched in every parade with his uniform on.

Most of my family served and it was something the whole family was proud of , even if you didn’t want to see them go and you worried sick until they came home, you were proud of them and all the others who risked their lives to keep us free.

So not just today or on the days we should say thanks, say thanks all the time, tell a service mean or women you see in the street thank you send a card or letter or care box overseas do something because we are free because they are brave!

Today I will think of my two dads and how proud they were and how lucky I was to have them as role models in my life. 

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