My hero, my girls. .

Thursday Treadmill Treats
My hero, my girls…

To me every day God chooses to wake me up, is a another day that I can learn something and hopefully grow and help others. To me my gift is to try to inspire others, to show then that you can change, that your never to old to try something or do what you set your mind to.

I teach my girls the same lessons and I pray each and every day that I am doing a good job with them. Yesterday I cried because I realized that what your children see you do,then they do the same things even when they saw the horrible outcome.

My daughter dated a man just like her dad, a man who wanted her to change to please him, a man who was crazy jealous, who she stayed with to try to please him even sacrificing her own happiness to achieve it. Yes, at 17 she was walking in my footsteps, heading for misery but she decided that she wanted more,she realized that he was just like her father, she wants peace in her life, that she sees me have and so she walked away.

He has called, texted, tweeted and came by, he’s cried, pleaded and got angry because he no longer has control over her anymore. She told me she needs to be happy, I told her its not your job to try to make others happy, just yourself, you need to love yourself, you just do “you”

I worry that maybe my girls saw too much, that maybe I scared them for life watching their father treat their mother with such disregard and disrespect.  I worry that they might pick the same kind of man like their father.
But yesterday I also realize¬† and told her,that maybe, just maybe she learned a lesson at 17 that took me 24 years to learn. You can’t make anyone happy, some people no matter what you do will never be happy, it will never be enough, you just keep trying to kill yourself trying to fill their hole and it will never end.

This is their problem not yours! And I try to tell my girls this, as they feel the way their father treats them is a reflection of something they did or did not do, it is never a reflection of that, it is and always will be his problem.

So today my friends, I am proud to say that yes what your children see and hear you say does resonate in them and if your lucky, they won’t make the same mistakes you made, it is then you will know you’re done the right thing.

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