My new book The blessing in Disguise

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My new book…The Blessing in Disguise..



Growing up an only child, Deja had wonderful parents and an idyllic childhood. Shortly after meeting her first love, Deja’s world crumbles around her. Devastating life changing news, compounded with the depths of drug and alcohol addiction, leads her into a verbally abusive marriage that spans 25 years. Deja finds herself dreaming of that first love.



The story follows Deja’s transformation from rock bottom to an incredible journey of one’s true self. Along the way she finds herself questioning everything in her life including her faith and self worth, still she is stuck. Fear rules her life . When she learns to let go and starts to lead a spirit filled life, she starts to believe nothing is impossible. She can and will overcome all of life’s obstacles and realizes that this was all just the “Blessing in Disguise ”



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my new book The blessing in Disguise

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