My Pintrest house

My Pinterest house

Recently my daughter’s boyfriend said my house looked like a picture on Pinterest. I thought that was the best compliment I could receive.

I dreamed about this home forever, I put pictures of it on my vision board, I imagined how it would look and feel.

If you don’t know my story, I was in a verbally abusive marriage for 24 years, the tension in our home was overbearing.
We walked on eggshells, he sucked out all the fun, all the time. I was miserable, I hated my life and even though I had all the toys, all the money, it didn’t make me happy.

I prayed about one day having a home filled with peace, with joy and happiness. I wanted all that entered to feel like home, to feel the love, to want to stay a while as no one ever felt that way in my old home.

It was a long road to get here, we left with only a mattress and personal items. We all slept on that mattress on the floor, we had nothing as I left it all behind with the bad memories.

This was a fresh start and I didn’t care how long it took, this was going to be excalty like my pictures on my vision board.

So for months I went to every yard sale, every consignment shop. I stripped and sanded and painted every piece of furniture with love.

Little by little it came together, little by little it started to feel like the home I dreamt about.

But it’s not about what my home looks like it’s about how it feels, it’s about my girls being able to have their friends over. It’s about the laughter, the joy and the fun we always feel in our home.

It’s about us cooking together, dancing in the kitchen, singing out of tune and sitting around the table with loved ones, enjoying each other’s company.

It’s about friends stopping over whenever, sitting and having a glass of wine, living life in the moment.

Things I didn’t have before as no one like the atmosphere in my old home and never wanted to come by.
All these things that I am so very grateful for now, things I’ve dreamed about and prayed about, now have come to pass.

There is never a day that I don’t walk in the door that I am not grateful for this home, for this life I now have. So yes, saying my home reminds him of a Pinterest picture is the best complement I could get, as it’s not about how it looks, it’s about how it feels when you enter. It’s about the love you feel, it’s about what I envisioned, that all has come to pass, I put it out there and it has happened.

So today my friends remember you can have anything you set your mind to, dream it, put it on a vision board, envision it as if it already is, work hard, never stop believing and you too can have your own “Pinterest” home.

“Be the change you want to see”

“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”

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