My special day September 22

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My special day September 22


This date holds a lot of meaning for me, in good ways and in bad.

September 22, 1980 my father passed away, he was only 45 years old. My world as I knew it changed forever and I was never the same.


But they say that time heals all wounds, yeah not when it comes to a parent, I still miss him so, even now, 36 years later.


But the date, that horrible date, that use to make me cry now has other meanings for me.


It was the date I signed my lease on my new home finally freeing myself from that horrible marriage.

I prayed so many days for a home for me and my girls and what day do I get it? Yes, my father was looking down on me.


That day I also sold my business, a business that I had only had for a year, what was I really selling?  Why did he want it? Who knows but here I was making a deal to sell it and stay on as a consultant for a large amount of money each week.

Really?? Yes, I walked out on faith and now I was being taken care of.


The year later I decided to get Baptist in our church and yes, you guessed it, it happened to be September 22, to me these things meant that even though he wasn’t here, he was always looking down and looking after me.


Were all these things coincidence? Well you can say so but I know better, I know its my dad making sure I am all right.


So today my friends remember your parents will not be here forever, spend as much time with them as possible. Call them every day, tell them you love them because one day they will be gone and you never want to live with regret.


But know this, as parents they will always look out for you, they will always be there, even if they aren’t any more.


So today I delicate this blog to my wonderful father in heaven. A father that drove 3 hours every Sunday to see me, that made me his special pancakes every week, a father above fathers, that paid child support above and beyond what he was supposed to. A father that paid for clothes, doctors, dentists and anything else I needed, who put me first all the time. Who made me laugh, taught me culture and to love the city, taught me hard work and to value your things and taught me that no matter what you never say anything about your ex to your children ever.


I miss him every day…

I love you daddy, now always and forever.


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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