My world is changing so fast my head is spinning!

Some people are afraid of change and yes I was one of those people! It was also because for so many years I was told I could never make it on my own and I started to believe it. As I started getting my voice back and realizing I am strong and I can do whatever I mind to!

So now at this age I have begun to step out of my box, way out box! Doing things,I never thought I would ever tried before, a marathon, leaving my horrible marriage,(huge step!) Starting a new career… alot of new things I was always afraid of doing or trying.

Now before my next birthday in October, I am going to to do be doing my first triathlon ( and I suck at swimming!but have practiced enough so I dont drown!) I will be moving out of my house that I have raised my girls in into a small townhouse,and will be doing everything on my own, I am determined to finish my book by then and I am dating(yugg! Real scary worst than swimming!)

I am trying new things ,going out by myself,meeting new people,trying new things and I am not afraid anymore!! Really whats the.worst that can happen? I drown?ok that is the worst but on the bright side I might get saved by a really young,hot lifeguard!!

No I am doing it all! Life is too short ,I want to enjoy it, try everything, I want to be all in before I am all out!

Live people! Step out of your box and live!!,

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