My,you have big balls behind the computer screen

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My, you have big balls behind that computer screen


Technology is amazing, look I write my blog while I’m on the treadmill, how great is that?

I can keep in touch with friends and family all around the world, I can have my message touch thousands, even one day millions of people, yes today’s technology is wonderful.


With every good comes some bad and technology is no different, all of a sudden some people get behind a computer screen and they become a critic, look at what I wrote about yesterday, how random people tore into the singer Pink about how they thought she was fat. They made such horrible comments, comments mind you that they would never have enough balls to say in her face.


Same thing with today’s on line dating, these men say things they would never dream of saying in person but because you are “anonymous” all of a sudden you grow a big pair!


Would you really have enough guts to call a woman baby,sexy, delicious just meeting them, probably not, would you ask her what underwear she was wearing on the first date ,yeah right not unless you wanted to get slapped, no, but boy oh boy you got some things to say while behind the safety of that screen!


They feel protected, like all of sudden these meek, shy people sit behind this screen and they become different people and they think it’s okay to spew ┬áhateful things to others,you get up on their invisible soap box and say and do things they would never have the guts to do otherwise.


I am me, behind the screen or in your face, I tell it like it is, I wouldn’t say something on here, that I wouldn’t be afraid to say to you. I have feelings and I know others do as well, so I think about how would that feel if someone said it to me.


So today my friends this is a message to all of the people out there behind their computer screens…grow a real set, a big set while your at it, not just the pretend set you put on when you sit behind the screen. It is then you will be real.


“Be the change you want to see”


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