Never stop learning

Thursday Treadmill Treats


Never stop learning


The other day I had a new client, him and his wife wanted me to help them with their electronics.


Yes, not only am I a Professional Organizer but I also do Personal Assistant work and help people with setting up electronics and teaching them how to use them.

(Hello if you know me, you know I am like a Jamaican…I got 3 jobs Mon…. it’s the single mom syndrome)



They were a sweet old couple but when I found out how old they were I was floored, she was 85 and he was 90! And they were interested in learning todays technology, how great is that?


He got a fancy cell phone because he sometimes forgets how to get home in the dark (The fact that he’s still driving at 90 and at night, is a whole another story!) and he wanted to learn how to use the GPS on it.


We talked about life as I was teaching him.They had been married 60 years…today people can’t be married for 60 seconds never mind 60 years! He started out a hairdresser then some how fell into marketing and owned a successful company until he retired 20 years ago.


He told me he always is trying new things, that if your not learning, your dying… a great motto I must say!


We had to go over it a few times and I even wrote it all down step by step so in case he did forget he would have instructions to walk him through.


I was truly amazed at his life story, at the fact he was so alive and wanted to learn and grow, even at 90!

He told me they had couples over, they went out, he went to the gym every day, they tried new things, they didn’t act or feel old and that was their secret to not growing “old”


Its amazing in this country, how we neglect the elderly, but we forget how much they seen, how much knowledge they have to offer, how much we can learn from them.


At the end of our time, I felt like I should be paying him and not the other way around as he taught me so much about life. He is my new hero!


I hope one day to grow up to be like him, to still want to learn and change, to be open to change and to keep my mind open to all new things.


So today my friends remember you are never to old to learn, never think you know it all, you can always learn more, you can always change and grow.

By the way our next lesson is going to be on social media…how great is that?



“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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