Not all is as it seems

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Not all is as it seems…


Yesterday was Valentine’s day and if you were on social media you probably saw all the pictures of flowers, candies and gifts that everyone posted.


Yes, it was wonderful that people went out and did something special for the ones that they love. But for all the single people out there, they were thinking wow, isn’t it wonderful to have someone, or maybe, it sucks to be alone on Valentine’s day because of the bombarding of social media posts about love and gifts.


Let me tell you, it is not all that it seems, I know this from experience. I was an expert liar and should have been an award winning actress for my performance during my marriage.


Yes, I was one of those who posted “Oh look how sweet my husband is…look at the flowers, look at the diamonds, look at the our perfect marriage” when in actuality we were a dysfunctional mess.


I cried and drank myself to sleep every night. He was the “Perfect” husband until you close the doors of our home and then he became a dictator, a cold heartless man who ruled with an iron fist and a razor tongue.


But to the outside would we had it all together, look at their nice house, fancy vacations, 2 beautiful children, lots of money and phony smiles for all of us.


See not everything is as it seems, not everyone is put together, not everyone has all the money they betray they have, not everyone is the “Great guy” the world seems to think they are.

Not everything is as it seems…it’s an illusion, made up for you, the viewer to see what they want you to see…


The person that seems to have it all together is really a mess inside barely keeping it afloat. The person with the Louie bags or the designer shoes and clothes that can’t answer their phone because of Bill collectors calling trying to repossess their things.


That married couple that you think has it all, behind closed doors he beats her senseless…see all of it is an illusion…it is what we make up because we don’t want people to see the truth, that maybe we can’t even handle the truth ourselves and so we build up what we think people want to see and then we give it to them.


I opened that door years ago, I let all the skeletons out for the world to see, I am real, I am honest, I am an open book for the world to see and learn from.


When they say “The truth will set you free” that my friends is an amazing statement and so true,. My advice to you is that quote, The truth will set you free, it will let you stop pretending, it will show you your not alone, it will take that load your carrying off your shoulders, it will literally set you free…


Don’t worry about what others will say, most of them aren’t honest with your or themselves anyway. Do you, be you, be honest, know it’s okay not to be perfect, stop trying to kill yourself trying.


So today my friends remember, we are human, we make mistakes, we are not perfect, we fall, we get back up, we learn lessons.

Remember that we learn who we really are when we fail, not losers but survivors, overcomers. Know that will be better, that this new life will be real, it will be brutally honest and know it’s okay….it’s okay that it’s not all as it seems….


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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