Being open to learn lessons

Being open to learn lessons


Some people think they know it all, they think they can’t learn anything new. Or how about the old saying “You can’t teach old dogs new tricks”


Yes, so many people are stuck in their ways they will never be open or willing to learn the lessons life is suppose to teach you.


Me on the other hand, I am constantly looking for the lessons and I’ve learned more lessons these last 6 years then probably in my whole life. It’s because I am open to learning and because I look for them in everything that happens to me.


No matter what happens in my life, I stop and ask what is the lesson I am suppose to be learning here?

And then I analyze the situation, I look at it from all angles, I pray about it, I am like a detective looking for clues.


Look there are always lessons we need to be learning, to be able to grow and change. That’s what we are born to do, grow and change not stay stagnant, to weither and die.


These are the biggest lessons I have learned and maybe you won’t have to go through all I’ve been through to get these lessons.


I have learned to give over my life, to realize that I could not do this without help from above.


I have learned to walk out in blind faith.


I have learned to forgive even when I will never get an apology.


I have learned that not everyone has my heart and it’s okay.


I have learned that not everyone is going to be coming along for the whole ride.

(Hard one for me as I am a friend for life)


I have learned to look for the good in everyone, even when it seems hard.


I have learned that I needed to learn patience, it’s not on my time but on his.


I have learned what is most important in my life, God, my girls, my family and friends.


I have learned to overcome my fears, to learn change is good.


I have learned to love myself, because if I don’t value myself, no one else will.


I have learned to listen to my intuition, see the red flags and not ignore them.


I have learned that laughter is the best medicine.


I have learned to live in the moment, be present, take it all in.


I have learned to work hard but play even harder.


I have learned to watch for signs, when I am confused, I keep getting signs from everywhere, over and over again.


I have learned to listen for God’s voice and then obey.


I have learned to live life large because I know how short life truly is.


I have learned to always tell the people in my life I love them, because tomorrow is not promised to us.


I have learned to that when you pray about something, be careful you will get more than you bargained for.

(In good and bad)


I have learned that I am stronger than I ever thought I was.


I have learned that after the storm, the sun will always come. That storms don’t last forever, hold on, have faith.


I learned that you can envision anything in your life, you can envision a whole new life.


I have learned to uplift people, to give compliments, to make someone’s day by just your words and actions.


I have learned to be brutally honest and to be able to laugh at myself.


There are so many incredible lessons I have learned that sometimes it makes my head spin, like how dumb was I before? Why didn’t I get these earlier?

We all learn on our own pace, some people will never learn, or think they are too smart to learn.


I am grateful that I have learned these lessons even if it came with pain, as I know that I will never forget them.


So today my friends remember there are always lessons you can learn, lessons that will change your life, change you forever, stop, look for them, learn from them.

Because we are never to old to learn lessons.


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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