Our trip to Asheville North Carolina, Living in the moment always

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Our trip to Asheville North Carolina, Living in the moment… always


This last week I blessed to be giving a house to use during spring break with my girls in Asheville, North Carolina. It was from another one of my wonderful clients.


We love the mountains and the outdoors and was thrilled to be able to get away.

We rented a van, packed up all of our crap and we were off on a road trip. We had my 2 girls, my oldest daughter’s boyfriend and my little ones best friend and of course me.

We laughed, we sang loud and off key, we watched movies, ate bad snacks, we told stories and basically had a great time just being together.


Even with the traffic, the weather and being 3 hours behind schedule we were still happy. When we finally arrived at 7 am to our surprise there was a truck in the driveway. We all turn and look at each other who could that be? Were we at the wrong house? Until I saw who was getting out of thr truck, it was the friend of mine who had taken me on the cruise. As I stood there with my mouth open, the girls were already saying dam he drove 11 hours to surprise you! We found out he was sitting there for another 5 hours because we were late…I was blown away, who does that?


Absolutely someone who wants to see you…and this is how we started off our week of adventure.


I am constantly saying you must live in the moment, this was a last minute offer to us that we took, it was perfect timing with spring break, my friend also lived in the moment, deciding to come and surprise me. Life is to short not to enjoy every moment, every blessing that falls into your lap, every opportunity that will bring you happiness, grab it, hold on, enjoy it, live for the moment!


Its not about all the stuff or the fancy places, its about being with the ones you love, enjoying them and making memories that will laugh a lifetime!

Live in the moment always!


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life was over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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