Overcoming life’s worst obstacles

Overcoming life’s worst obstacles

Yesterday I was blessed to work with a young women named Tranika Dufresne, who I was lucky enough to have met in church quite some years ago. When we started to get to know each other and told each other our stories, we realized we were both raped and with  that bond and the many other wonderful qualities she possessed, we became friends.

She has made it her life journey to shine the light on this unspoken travesty.
People who have been raped or sexual abused, people who are afraid to speak out, who don’t have a voice, she has took it upon herself to make it her life’s  mission and so with this and her tenacity, she set forth to make a documentary.

She found men and women from all walks of life, different backgrounds, different races, different economical backgrounds, to come forward and tell their stories.

I was blessed to be invited to tell my story on this amazing project.
I have told my story many times, yet somehow this time, with this young women who knew my pain, who cared about this so passionately, made it seem like the first time.

She cried with me, as she knew my pain, she made me pull up things I never thought of or repressed for so many years.
Her passion sparked my passion to be able to tell others of my story, to inspire others to keep going, to be a voice or a hand to someone who is struggling with the same issues.

This is our purpose, this is our dream to say it’s okay, I’ve been there, I feel your pain, it’s not your fault, we are going to speak out for you.

One of my favorite Will Smith quotes is: “The effect you have on others is the most valuable currency there is”

We went to have that effect on others, we want to be the advocates of this unspoken tragedy. We realize we are all the same, we have been hurt, been betrayed, been broken but  that is not who we are, that is just part of us and that, that did not kill us, made us stronger.

Her and her photographer Leroy and I talked for hours, we realized that we all have other jobs to pay the bills, but we all have a purpose that we are also trying to fulfill as well.

That for Tranika is in the entertainment business, I can clearly see her as her own version of Oprah, as she is so soft spoken and puts you at ease when she is speaking to you, she fully gives of herself and you feel it.
Leroy is a pastor of a small church he started, he knows this is his calling, his purpose but until then he keeps doing what he has to to pay the bills.
And as for me, well most of you who follow me know I want to be a New York Times best selling author, I want to be on the women of faith tour and an international blogger. I also want to be on Oprah Super Soul Sunday and have Tyler Perry produce the movie of my life story.

Yes, big dreams but when you are pursuing your pupose you have these dreams. You keep after them, no matter how many people may laugh at you or tell you that’s impossible, you know that is your calling, your purpose, your life’s mission, just like the three of us know that.

Somehow I feel this is going to be worldwide… this work of passion will touch many millions of people around the world.
Yes, I am putting this out there…
Because when your passionate, when your in God’s grace and when you are doing your purpose, his purpose, it will all come together.

So today my friends, remember do what your called to be, find your purpose, the gift you were giving and use it to help others, it might be your story, your words, you kind and compassionate heart. What ever it is, go after it, hold on it it, try it, even if it seems impossible because you might be the one to make a difference, change a life, inspire someone…
You can be that person to let someone know, that you can overcome life’s worst obstacles.

**I will keep you posted on all the social media outlets for the final date of the opening of this amazing documentary**

“Be the change you want to see”

“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”

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