Part 2 Our trip to Asheville North Carolina, Living in the moment always

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Part 2 Our trip to Asheville North Carolina, Living in the moment always


This last week was a trip to say the least. I love my girls, they can make me laugh like no one else and we can get on each other’s  nerves yet still be able to hug and kiss each other a minute later.


This week was no different as we started out our vacation with a hike to see Looking Glass rock. We hiked all the time in New York, so we thought we got this or so we thought.


Most of the state parks tell you how long the trail is and what difficulty level it is. Well this one said nothing and so we thought okay then it cant be so bad right? Wrong! Dead wrong!

This was like the hike from hell… except we found out hell is really up hill!!


This was no Beginners trail, where the hell was the signs warning us?

I had just got over 5 days in bed from the flu and a cold that left me half dead.Hiking up hill, it felt like my lungs were on fire and my legs were screaming as I haven’t been to the gym since before my walk on fire two weeks before. But I would rather die than admit defeat so I trudged on feeling like I was 90!


2 hours into it I am like a five year old asking everyone we past coming downhill “Are we there yet?”

And somehow I am getting the same answers I got 30 minutes before, an hour before…” A little further”

The New Yorker in me wants to scream

“You lying Sob!” But we are in the south and I dont want them to to say “See them New Yorkers, just like we thought, rude as all get out…bless their hearts” Yeah.. we know what that means, a nice way to tell us to piss off!


I keep going, I am not going to quit and never hear the end of it from my kids. Oh you dont know them, I would never live it down. No, I will do this as I tell myself “Bitch you just walked on fire, you got this!”


2 1/2 hours after we started out my lungs have been exploded, my ankles  are rubbed raw as I didnt wear the right socks, my calfs are crying mommy and I am soaking wet even though its 50 degrees but we finally got to the top Looking Glass rock.

4000 feet above North Carolina with a view that made us and everyone else who finally reached the top say “Wow”


To say it was spectacular would be an understatement, it was a breathtaking view of all of Gods glory, the mountains, the trees, the birds. The clouds looked like that were so close that you could touch them. Sitting up there made you feel small, made you and your problems feel insignificant, this is what life is about….our beautiful county, nature, being close to God, knowing whats really important….life and love and at this moment I had both….


We were all speechless thinking about what life is all about…. its about living in the moment, its about laughing when your in pain and dont think you can go on. Its about people you love and enjoy spending time with, its about the things money will never buy you, peace and joy.


Yes, all the pain was worth this moment to be truly grateful that I actually did it and I got to share this  moment with my girls and my loved ones.


We sat up there for quite a while taking it all in and then we made our way back down with a spring in our step, all impressed that we made this 12 mile hike and knowing that anything is possible if you believe….


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life was over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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