Paying it forward

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Paying it forward


The other day I wrote a blog about how my church didn’t meet our goal of trying to feed 2000 families this year for the Thanksgiving season.


One of my dear friends called me up yesterday after reading my blog and said he wanted to donate 500.00 to my church.


I wanted to cry, he doesn’t attend our church, in fact he doesn’t even live in this state. He said my blog touched him, he thought about the people that might not be able to have a thanksgiving dinner this year, if it was not for our church and this event.


I started to say he couldn’t do this but this last week taught me to not block the blessings and this was going to be a huge blessing to many families.


We all need to pay it forward, we need to step out of our all about me world and think of others needs.


I remember when a friend had lost her job and I helped out with groceries, she then blessed me later on with tickets to a event I couldn’t afford to attend.


I use to help a friend out doing her and her families hair for free when things got tight for them, she blessed me years later with her husbands labor on my new home.


I heard God speak to me and tell me to give my last 100.00 for groceries to a friend in need, okay I ¬†fought this one, until I said if I turn around and she’s the first one I see, I will… well you guessed it she was and I did. The next day I got 3 new clients, grocery money and more!


I gave my air conditioning money to a friend in need never to see her or my money again, but to be blessed months later by my neighbor who knew my struggles.


I never gave thinking what am I going to get in return, I gave because I saw a need and I could help, it made me feel good that I could help be a blessing to others.


See how this works,you give out of a pure heart, you pay it forward and you in return get blessed. Hopefully that person you blessed will bless someone else in need later on.


If everyone would do a kind deed for someone and that that someone did a kind deed for the next person and so on and so on and so on….imagine what a great place this would be. It would be a world filled with compassion and love.


It’s not about helping out “your own” it’s about helping out another human being that’s in need, simple as that.


So today my friends let’s get together this holiday season and do what my dear friend did, show love and compassion to people he didn’t even know, just because it’s the right thing to do.

Open your hearts up and pay it foward…


Remember there before the grace of God goes I…

It could have been another way….


If you would like to help our church out you can go to the link below…we also have a weekly food bank that we sponsor every week called Dare to care


Or give to your church or neighborhood, believe me there are plenty of places you can find.




“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life was over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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