People in glass houses shouldn’t throw rocks

Tuesday Treadmill Treats


People in glass houses shouldn’t throw rocks


I write all about my skeletons in my closet, I opened that door wide and let them all fall out for the whole world to see.


I write all the time how I am far from perfect, I screw up, I pick losers, my girls are far from perfect, of how many times I’ve fell on my face. I lived a lie for so many years, I refused to live in that glass house for one more second.


But so many people out there are sitting in their glass houses throwing stones at others. Like they are perfect and have the perfect house.


They don’t want to hear about me calling out Mr.Con Artist when he was cheating on me, because they have let it go on in their home for so many years. They were fast to tell me to let it go, because I hit a nerve.


They want the world to see the perfect couple, not that they get their ass beat on a weekly basis, as they live in a house of lies.


But they are fast to throw stones at you, at when you fall on your face, when you mess up, hey look over there….so that you don’t look too closely at them….


They will act like they have money, living the big life, all the designer clothes and shoes but have to borrow money to go on vacations, yet when you save and work 3 jobs to go away, they are the first to say, must be nice.


When their children screw up or don’t live up to what they expect, they will sugar coat it, they will put another spin on it so that it doesn’t make them look bad but they are fast to let you know how you screwed up as a parent.


Yes, we all know these people, these let me look down at you, people, let me point my finger at you…let me throw digs at you, let me pull twat moves on you because.. hey, I am better than you people…..

Just as long as you don’t look to closely.


Here’s the thing….we all know… we know your glass house is built on a crumbling foundation, we know where you came from, we know it all…yet we play your game, we go along with your bullshit stories….we pretend we believe you but when we go home we are all saying the same thing…”Don’t they know, we know? Please…”


But you keep throwing rocks at others, you keep living the lies you tell yourself and others to justify your behavior, your lies you live with in your glass house.

But the only one your fooling is yourself.


So today my “friends” remember “He who has no sin, cast the first stone”


That would be….none of us…


Don’t judge when you know nothing of the story, don’t point fingers when you sure as hell don’t want us to open your closet and see your skeletons.

Remember people in glass houses shouldn’t throw rocks…..


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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