Pointing out the bad in others because there is no good inside of your self

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Pointing out the bad in others,because there is no good in yourself. …

I read this the other day and it hit a nerve with me because me and my bestie had just been talking about it.

When you are truly a good person you want to see the good in others, you are happy  for others blessings, you try to lift people up not cut them down. Yet there are so many out there that to make themselves feel better need to point out the bad in you, yes we all have them in our lives.

I had an ex husband who put me down at every chance, he called me dumb, he said I could never make it without him, he cursed at me and called me every name in the book then made up some for good measure just incase I wasn’t beat down enough.

My friends sister thinks it’s okay to bring up every past mistake she has done even though she is a completely different person now, “it’s okay to say hateful things because we are family” Really?  Isn’t family supposed to love you dispite your faults?

Even my “friends” who have also been verbally abusive have now turned into the abuser, to gain control?  To feel better about themselves?  Because there is no good inside of themselves anymore? Friends who joke and put you down…it’s not a joke,it’s there true feelings masked with a laugh.

Well this is a call out to all of these people, friends, family or ex’s these days are OVER!  DONE!  I will not except this behavior anymore, I deserve respect , just because your dead inside, that your hiding your broken and missing soul is not my problem, get help, stop hating others for having a life your too afraid to lead!

I will not let your cold, dead, hatred filled heart effect my life, News flash!! you are not better than me or smarter than me yet you have to, at every chance, put me down to make yourself feel better, your still not a good person, it doesn’t make you smarter to think your always right, no a truly stupid person is one who thinks he knows it all and is not open to others opinions because they are afraid others ideas may be better than theirs.

You have a black soul, your never happy to see others do well, you always think it should have been you, you point the finger, let your evil tongue spit out hatred because there is no good inside of your heart, so to take away from others seeing the true you, the one without  a heart, the one with your life falling apart, the one who is always wearing a mask,you lash out pointing out the bad and the mistakes of others.

So today my friends, those days are over, stand up people, today is your independence day, doesn’t matter who they are, it’s over, you will not be treated like that any longer. You will be treated with the respect you deserve otherwise I will call you out then cut you out of my life! Period! Feel free to copy and paste this on your wall, send to your family, spread the message. …These who point out the bad in you, have no good in themselves…..


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