The positives and negatives of dating today

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The positives and negatives of dating today


In today’s series of dating I will give you my two cents on the positives and negatives…again this is my two cents you might have your own.


Oh boy now this is a good one…

There are many lessons I’ve learned since jumping back into the dating world 4 years ago. So many things have changed in the 24 years I was married, it was really a new world out there.


Gone were the days of meeting someone at a party, or through a friend, gone were the days of clubs, at least for me. Gone were a date for dinner at a nice restaurant, no all of that was gone…and I never even got the memo!


In its place was the Internet where you can turn from a 5’3 troll into a 6’4 God with a six pack… poof in a instant!


Gone was the dinner dates replace by drive by coffee dates, yes all of this changed and definitely not for the better in my opinion, so I will give you the top positive and negative things to dating today


Top positives of dating:


1. You have alot more to chose from, you can keep swipping all night and it’s never ending.


2. You can talk before you go out, see if he’s really for you.


3. You can go on a drive by coffee date and see if you really want to waste 3 hours of your time with Mr.Wrong.


4.You can see what you really have in common before committing to a date.


5. Shit…I have to come up with more? This is harder than coming up with a new blog every day!


Let’s more on…

The negatives:


1. It’s the Internet, you can be whoever you want, all you have to do is steal someone else pictures and poof your them!


2. You can show your best pictures, pictures from years ago, 30 pounds ago, apps that take away your wrinkles, yes… you can make yourself look better…alot better


3. You can all of a sudden grow a big set of balls and ask things to women you would never have the balls to say in person.


4. You can string someone along with texts and phone calls and then never committ to actually meeting.


5. You can show your junk to multiple women at once…Oh yes…Men do this all the time..


I will tell you this, if you send me a picture of your junk, it better be some extraordinary junk because if it’s not I will show it to all my friends and we will be laughing and talking about your stupid ass!!


6. How much time do I have on this treadmill? I could be going for a gym record here…. you get my point…


Yes, to say online dating is bad is an understatement at the least…I remember my last one saying “Aren’t you glad your not in that anymore, aren’t you glad you have me now?”


Okay, I would rather be back here than with a passive aggressive and controlling man yet again…this my friends is a piece of cake!



And besides what would I write about? What would I laugh about with my friends and family on my morning rides?


It’s all good, I will keep kissing the frogs because I know there is my Prince out there somewhere looking for his princess…he just lost….he doesn’t want to ask for directions….but he’s coming….


So today my friends, don’t take it so seriously, enjoy the life you have now, enjoy your kids, your friends, yourself…

Enjoy the quite times, reflect on what you are willing to put up with and what is a deal breaker, then look at the last few relationships and think long and hard about if being with someone is worth putting up with all that crap?

You’ll be much better, I promise you…

And until Prince Charming comes laugh, laugh at the craziness, laugh at the way the world is now, laugh at yourself….life is too short…enjoy every moment because soon this too shall pass….


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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