Prayer changes things

Treadmill Treats Monday Message 


Prayer changes things 


I am a huge believer in Prayer changes things… its when you believe in something bigger than you, in something you cannot see but still have a deep faith.


 Prayer has been part of my life, to me its like breathing, its just what I do but as my faith walk has evolved so has my prayers.

 I use to just pray about me and the things I wanted or needed,

I was always grateful but never prayed for others. 


When I got divorced there was a service and Bishop said you needed to pray for others, even your enemies, he said (yes, I cant make this up) 

you should pray for your ex’s… 

I am thinking is he nuts? This man who made my life miserable and robbed me in the divorce? Him? I should pray for him? 


Oh hell no! He should pray I don’t wring his neck! 

He said we needed to pray for them, so that we may get our blessings, well I am a good student of my Bishop and so I started to pray for him, I prayed he would change his ways, I pray he forgave me and himself of what happened in our marriage as I had done, then I started praying for others as well, I prayed for my family, my friends, my 

co workers who have closed minds and everyone who did me wrong, yes, even Mr.Con Artist, even my ex best friend who robbed my money… yup everyone!


 Every night I prayed for so many people until it became natural, it wasn’t just about me, it was becoming my blessing to others. Yesterday when my bestie texted and said she wasn’t coming to the gym because she was going to a praying circle, I said okay then a second later I texted back and said please pray for me and two other friends I knew needed it.


 Yes, I am so in tune with prayers that I have others pray for people I know. 

Well, yesterday I was so peaceful at work, my other friend said she also had a peace over her and she didn’t know why and my third friend, took a huge step to changing their life and sounded so very happy last night. 


Really prayer doesn’t work? 

I prayed that God would take my drugs and alcohol problems, my cigarette problem, I prayed he would give me courage and strength to change my life, I prayed about my business when I had no job, I prayed about my home, my children when they got into trouble and I am standing here as living proof that…Yes! Prayer changes everything!


 Ever notice how lately as you scroll down Facebook or other blogs that more and more people are posting about prayer and God? Now you will notice, yes, more and more people believe this.


Look at the basis of The Secret, you put out there what you want and it comes, like attract like… 


So I am here to give my gratitude, to pray that my prayers helped others and that my bestie prayed for us all and that God will answer all of our prayers.


So today my friends, remember to forgive those who have hurt you, then pray for the haters, pray for you enemies, pray, pray, pray ….because prayer changes things.


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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