Prevailing power of prayer

Prevailing power of Prayer

The problem today is that people dont pray, we don’t ask Gods advise on all aspects of our life’s, we only pray for things, we pray when we need help, but the rest of the time we think I got this, we think we don’t need to pray on all the other areas of our life.

You need to delvop prayer not only in your finances, in your home life, you need to delvop in your faith walk with God.
Never underestimate the power of prayer!

It makes you totally dependant on God, everyday you should get God involved in your daily decisions, when your not winning,.it’s because your not praying.
You have to pray the word of God but first you need to know the word of God.

Pray God will give you wisdom, to hold your tongue, to give you strength, even when you don’t know what to say and what to do, it is then you need to pray. It doesn’t matter that you don’t know what to say, God knows your heart, talk to him, like you would talk to your friends, in your car, at home, when you wake up or go to sleep. See I pray to him all day, I give thanks when I wake up, I give him thanks when I am driving home from the gym watching the sunrise, I give thanks while I am driving my car and a song comes on that reminds me if where I once I was and how far I have come with God’s grace and mercy.
I am in a state of gratefulness all the time, as I am so blessed to have him to turn to.
I know when I don’t have the answer to life challenges, that’s when I need to pray.

Say to God “I need your help, I need your wisdom” Whenever your confronted with a problem, that is when you need to pray.
Your stressed, you talk about it, you magnify the problem, some of you are talking about your problems to more people more than your talking to God.

You can get from God anything you ask for, when he comes first, when your in the will of God, you won’t worry.
I no longer stress, I no longer worry, I pray and I let God worry.
Even through these recent storms, money problems, problems with my daughter, car problems, computer issues, my identity stolen, issues with my ex husband, ex’s coming out of the woodwork, trying to slip me up, yet again. All I do is pray and let God worry.

Pray about your job, pray about your business, pray about your relationships, pray about a deal, pray about your money, pray about everything… then listen to God’s words.

Can you handle the frustration in your life? You can try to do this on your own or you can chose to pray and see the amazing things that God can and will do.

Do you feel anxious? Do you feel stressed? Do you feel like you can’t deal? Can’t breath?
Find happiness in God, delight yourself in God, learn to take pleasure in God, pray and have a gentle spirit…. you need to be gracious not selfish, not self centered. You need compassion, a kind heart, you need to love one another, no matter our differences, our sexual preferences, our religious beliefs or our political stands, we need to show love to one another.

See, your faith is weaken everytime you don’t pray.
I loved the story of the man who God told to go to the river to get healed,
he was at the right place, at the right time, but with the wrong attitude, for 38 years, he kept missing his God miracle because of his attitude, yet he was so close.
You determine how quick your miracle will happen by how quick you respond to God’s word.

There are 5 types of prayers you need to pray:

5 types of prayer

1- If anyone amongst you are in trouble…pray.
2- Pray the prayer for the sick.
3- Pray the prayer of faith.
4- Pray the prayer of confession.
5- Pray the prayer of righteousness.

When you pray and God speaks to you, you can take that to the bank, don’t think just because you hear a no that will be it, but if you pray and if you have faith, God will turn your no’s into a yes.

I remember when I started this business, I tried to get with Groupon and Living Social, they turned me down, time and time again and so I prayed, I sowed a seed and I put a demand on it. I told God if this was what he wanted me to do let one of them call me and accept me and the next day after months of hearing no, they said yes!

Know who’s you are, you are the child of the most high God, start praying and stop talking, listen, pray, have faith, work the word, pray and see things change.
Prayer will Prevail in your life, if you start praying today.

“Be the change you want to see”

“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”

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