Promoting my friends hair care line, Nefertitis Secrets

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Promoting my friends hair care line…Nefertitis Secrets

There is nothing I love more than to uplift and to promote another women. I don’t understand the women in today’s society, they are constantly putting down and pulling other women down.

We are here to help each other, to inspire each other, to even carry each other when times gets tough, yet some women get so caught up in backstabbing, gossip and jealousy, they cannot think about helping another women out because of fear and their own insecurities.

I believe and continue to shine the light on women who are an inspiration to us all and one of these women is my friend Conchita Pleasant, the founder of Nefertitis Secret, an incredible hair care line.

She is smart, beautiful, and a hard worker. She was determined to invent a hair care product for all hair types.

 A product that is sulfate free, that strengthens ,softens and repairs the hair, that increases shine and promotes growth.

But this haircare line is just part of the story, the real story is one of determination.

She faced many challenges along her journey. She was in the mist of a divorce and then found out the most devastating news you never want to hear, the dreaded words “You have cancer”

All of this came as she was starting this haircare line. She continued to press on and hold on to her faith to get her through this time that would break some other people.

Sheer will, faith and determination got her through and with pride she launched this amazing product line.

I have to tell you I love these products, as much as Iove her spirit, first of all they smell incredible.

She mixes a blend of Moringa oils, Keratin protein, Aloe, Sage, and Rosemary extracts to give it a smell that is truly unique.

She worked with her chemist to come up with a system that addresses all kinds of problems with the hair and scalp.

This included:

Softening the hair

Repairing the hair


It treats eczema

Stops breakage

Increases shine

Exfoliates scalp

Revitalizes color

Strengthens hair

Promotes growth

Mends split ends

Increases volume

Soothes itchy scalp

and eliminates flaky scalp

She came up with a system which consists of: Shampoo


All in one leave in treatment  Moringa oil

Sounds too good to be true right? Well it is after using it for a week, I have to tell you, I loved my hair, it was all those things and more.

People actually commented about my hair looking great. I have thick, coarse and curly hair and in South Florida it gets frizzy as well but it was surprisingly excellent for my hair. I love this hair care line and I think you will too.

So today my friends, learn something from my amazing friend Conchita, never give up on your dreams, never lose hope and even when it seems like the world is caving in on you, hold tight to your faith because dreams are possible….just look at her now…happy, cancer free and this self made entrepreneur….anything is possible if you believe

To get these products call toll free 1866 436 6327

Or visit her website:


“Be the change you want to see”

“And just when the caterpillar thought his life was over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”

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