Promoting your man on social media

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Promoting your man on social media


I went to a singles event last weekend and one of speakers were talking about how we as women, as soon as we get a man, we are all over social media promoting him.


You on there as soon as you meet him…oh hes such a great man, he’s so cute, he has a great job, he is so sweet….

Hello you know him for like 3 minutes…

But your so happy you got a man so it’s the first thing you do…Ohhhh…look at me I got a man!


He takes you out, he buys you flowers, there you are…Oh..isn’t he the best?

3 and a half minutes of knowing him


Your marketing him way beyond his potential…

Hell, you don’t even know his potential or even if he has any at all but there you are promoting this man.


Then after a few weeks or even a few months, the crazy starts to come out and all of a sudden your changing your tune…

Maybe not posting so much, maybe thinking you might have jumped into this too fast.


Believe me I’ve done this… to the extreme, I knew my ex husband for 2 weeks when I went back home, sold my business, rented out my house, gave my dog away (Yes, you read this right, I even gave my dog away) and moved lock, stock and barrel 1500 miles away, where I knew no one.


After the first month I knew I made a horrible mistake but hell I promoted him all over…how great he was, what a catch, look at this good man I found …and I moved 1500 miles away just to be with him.

How was I going to say now “Oops I made a mistake, not really the great guy I thought” No, I had a big ego, that shit wasn’t happening so I stayed…yet a bigger mistake!


Yes, we all do this and did this and this was way before social media.We want others to see how happy we are, we are all projecting something were not.


Did I learn my lesson, well it took me a while…like the run in with Mr.Con Artist Hell. I was just divorced and I was promoting him and all the gifts, all the trips, all the wonderful things he did and said. Hello ex look at this great guy I got… ha,ha

(Oh please you’ve all done that, don’t lie) until I got wise…


How’s that for a lesson, to then put out what a fool you had been, that he was a lying, cheating dog and not just with one women but 3 and a wife for good measure!

Oh yeah… I am no longer anyone’s PR guy! You need to earn that status.


You see your friends doing the same thing but they don’t tell the real story like I did, no, they just say they are getting off Facebook for a while…

Ha…your laughing because you know those people or maybe your one of them?


Sneak away until you hope people forget all the PR work you did for that fool.


What about the man that is really for you, who is out there, but he now doesn’t want you because your constantly promoting these other men…

It’s funny a man wont admit he’s in a relationship with you, yet all the while your promoting him, no he sits back and let’s you do all the work for him.


Yet who’s promoting you? Who’s calling out what a great women you are? Yeah I thought so…don’t have an answer to that one…


I put my whole life out here, the good, the bad and the really ugly because I hope that someone will see themselves in me, in my failures, in my mistakes.


I hope they will see me, warts and all, getting up over and over, never giving up, learning the hard lessons to try to become a better person.


But you don’t have to, learn from my mistakes…

So today my friends remember don’t promote that person so fast, make sure they are the one, make sure they deserve to be promoted first.


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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