When you push a good women past the point of no return

When you push a good women past the point of no return

It’s amazing what we as women will put up with, we will forgive, make excuses, we will try and try anything to make things right with the man we love.

Over and over, nights of crying, days of agonizing, bottles of wine with our girlfriends trying to figure out what we can do to fix it.

We will put you on a pedestal, believe you are God’s gift to the world, we build you up and be your biggest cheerleader.
Hell, my ex brother in law use to say all the time that I blew so much smoke up his brother’s ass, that he should be a Macy’s parade float.

I stood behind him, no matter what, even to the extreme of taking our life saving to buy snakes to breed while I was 7 months pregnant with our first child, but I believed in him, I trusted him, I would have done anything for that man. That is the type of women I am and so many of my women friends are.
Yes, we are your ride or die women, who will do anything for you…until…

You stop trying, when you hurt us time and time again, when you lie and cheat, when you don’t show us how much we mean to you or treat us like an afterthought, then eventually we stop caring. Our hearts start to close down, every hurt you cause shuts it down a little more, every bad word, every time you curse at us, treat us badly, it closes more and more until one day we wake up and our hearts are shut down completely.

We might still physically be in the relationship but mentally we have already checked out, we are just waiting, maybe still hoping that it will change or just for that straw that will break the camels back.

Once you push a women to that point, she is finished with you, she has learned her lessons and is moving on. I hear this one alot where a couple is married for years and a man will say “I never saw it coming…she just left”

No, there were plenty of signs, you chose to ignore them, believe me I can guarantee she spoke to you, she cried herself to sleep, she pulled away little by little but only because you didn’t put her first, because you gave her a reason to.
No one walks away from a good relationship, it takes work just like your job, from both of you, one person cannot hold it together.

I’m big on romance, candles when he comes home, a home cooked meal, soft music, a back rub, sexy nighties, love notes, I want my man to know how much he means to me, how lucky I am to have found him.
I am constantly building him up, telling him how proud I am of him, that he can do anything, that we as a team can take on the world, that I am his ride or die chick.
But this can’t be one sided, I am doing my work, you need to be doing yours.

Show her your thinking of her, text her “I miss you…your on my mind” you can’t imagine how important that is to her.
Call her ask her how did her client go, not general, be specific about things she spoke to you about.

Bring flowers just because… leave a sticky note on the bathroom mirror when she wakes up, plan dates, if a client falls off, call her and tell her you would love to see her…
make her feel special and important in your life.
Step up or she will step out….

So today my friends remember, if you do these things, you will have a women’s heart forever….
if not, trust me she will lock down here heart faster than a maximum security prison, don’t make the mistake of pushing a good women past the point of no return.

“Be the change you want to see”

“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”

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