Only real men need to apply

Thursday Treadmill Treats


Only real men need to apply


If you read my blog you know I am brutally honest, I lied too much, for too many years, so now I put it all out there.


Maybe this is my problem when it comes to meeting men, maybe my in your face, real talk scares them away.


I was talking to a friend of mine who use to live across the street yesterday and he asked what I was doing, I said on my way back from my two jobs for that day. He said that is what he loved about me, my hustle and my honestly so I asked him “So then why can’t I meet a good, decent man?”


His response took me back and made me laugh.

He said because I had bigger balls than some men, that I could do anything. He saw me ripped out the whole house when I bought it, he watched me put in new floors, new fixtures, help built a patio, shed and fence and did a million other things by myself.


He watched me work 3 jobs, come home and cook a home cooked meal, clean and spend quality time with my girls.

He saw me go to church twice a week and give back not just to my church but to my church family as well.


He knew how I go out of my way for my friends and how I am loyal as hell to those I love. He watched storms come into my life yet I held my head high, how no matter what, I held it together.

He said he never saw anyone as positive as I was, never giving up hope.


He watched me give my love to men who didn’t deserve it, stupid, blind men who weren’t worthy of it in the first place. He saw me be friends with all my ex’s and be friends with alot of guys but never once be unloyal. He saw my big heart full of love and hope for everyone I meet.


He saw me put 100 percent into my blog, my book and the people who followed me and  wrote to me.


He said and I quote “Men are afraid of you, look at all you achieved by yourself, all you have going for you, how tough you are, tougher then most men I know and to some guys that threatens their manhood. They can’t handle a women like you. They have no balls…what you need is a real ass nigga”


His words not mine but they made me laugh and realize he is right, I need a strong man, a man that is not afraid of my success, my accomplishments, my pride in the things I can do by myself.


I grew up a Tom boy, I had no girlfriends. I am competitive, I have that I can do this attitude, in my soul because if you didn’t the boys left you behind.

And as much as I am a girly girl, I can turn in a second and go mudding, shoot a gun, go hiking or fishing, shoot pool or cusre with the best of them.


Maybe he is right…maybe I scare off men, maybe some men can’t handle me or my mouth telling it like it is.


Maybe I do intimidate some men, maybe…he is right, maybe I need a real man confident in himself, to appreciate me, to not feel threatened but is proud of what I can do. That can stand toe to toe with me, that is secure enough to know no other man could ever get to me if I give my heart to him.


So today my friends, I am putting it out there loud and clear, this is me… a loud tomboy New Yorker, a ride or die girl, a I can do anything chick, a in your face raw truth women with a heart of gold and I am looking for a real man who can handle me…but remember….only real men need to apply.


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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