Reality Tv or Trash Tv?

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Reality TV or Trash TV?


I’m not a big Tv watcher anymore, I was a addict for years (Maybe because I didn’t want to interact with my ex…)

I would watch hours and hours of Tv but since I got divorced not so much.

In fact this year I cut off my cable TV all together. We watch Netflix’s and I have Hulu for 7.99 a month when we do watch TV, which isn’t much.


So even though I’ve heard of all of these reality TV shows, I’ve never actually watched them. Years ago I watched survivor because I like to see how far we can push ourselves but these reality shows today have nothing to do with that.

Its not survival of the fittest its survival of the bitchest!


Recently I was packing up a clients home and they had these shows on..”Housewives of I don’t give a Dam”

“Basketball Trash” and then the creme of the creme

“The Krapdashians”


Are you frigging kidding me? Do people actually watch this crap?

Is this what our country has come to? Is this what we are teaching our children?

That’s its okay to be trashy, to lie, to cheat, to put down and trash talk others? Really? I am shocked that anyone would waste an hour of their valuable time on this hot mess.


The women (oh and I definitely use this term loosely as these are not real women)

These women back stab each other, they talk about each other, they cheat on each others men, they only purpose is to out do the others.


Wow this is what we have come to? We want more, bigger and better, we want fancy clothes, big houses, expensive cars and no morals what so ever….good job America…this is why the rest of the world laughs at us now.


I remember telling my girls when they were young that only girls backstab each other and talk about each other, that real women lift each other up, we take pride in each others accomplishments, we are there for each other, that is the difference between a girl and a woman.


Well girls, I should have added “real women” because none of the women I know or would hang out with would ever act like this or so I thought.


Until last year when a “friend” of mine or so I thought, started flirting with a ex of mine right in front of me… at my birthday no less! She then proceed to talk trash about me and tell our other “friends” not to invite me to events all because she wasn’t invited to an impromptu dinner at my house… wait was this an episode on one of these trash shows??


Yeah, it seemed that way except I don’t play that way, I told her what I thought of her childness and then cut her out of my life along with anyone who went along with her, girl please I don’t have time for petty bitches sorry…I am busy trying to uplift women, trying to encourage others not tear them down, I have a purpose and I intend to fulfill it.


So my question today is why are so many people watching these shows? Where are the shows were someone helps others out, where women are shown to be kind and caring like the women in my life?


Where are the shows that little girls and teenagers can look up to? Real role models not someone who is famous because they screwed someone and their sex tape got out…really? Or they were trash who figured out how trapped a rich guy, or wait a mobsters wife…

These are their role models oh please heaven help us with this next generation.


So today my “friends” I leave you with this, what my mom use to say to me all the time…”Show me your friends, I’ll see who you are, hang out with dogs and you’ll get fleas”


Who you hang out, what you watch, what you hear…all becomes who you are…choices people, choices. I chose to watch inspirational shows, hang out with exceptional women, listen to positive things..I chose to take out all the negative and that definitely includes Trash Tv.


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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