The reasons we stop believing

The reasons we stop believing

There are so many messages I receive from going to church. It still amazing to me, that when you really need to hear a message, you get there and there is your message that the preacher is preaching.

This week sermon was about when things get tough do you stop believing? How deep is your faith really?

There are 3 reasons we stop believing:

1-We stop trusting and get discouraged because of the mistakes we made.

2-We allow our circumstances to control our lives… I might be in a mess but I am not a mess

3- We don’t use faith in our now….

Yes, I remember starting this business, it was hell starting a new career at this stage of the game.Getting divorced and not getting alimony and then worrying about a new business and how was I going to support me and my girls.
But I chose to walked out on faith, to do this and believe God.

Was I scared some days? Beyond scared…I have even woken up some nights in a cold sweat. I cant tell you how many nights I lay awake thinking, how am I going to do this? I am the sole provider for my girls.
I will not lie to you, after 24 years of being married and him controlling everything, this was scary!

But something happened, something in me just changed. I said I can’t change what was going on so I can either do one of two things.

1- I can make myself sick with worry, lose sleep and have heart palpations
( And trust me I did all of that already and it didn’t change a thing) or..

2- I can straighten up, lift my head up high and say to God, I know you have a plan for me, you will take care of things, so I will keep praising you, I will keep believing and I will pray and let you worry.

So, I chose number 2!
I prayed, I gave thanks for where he had brought me from and I kept my faith, that at this point of my life, I know he is in control not me.

They say if you want to make God laugh tell him your plans! It’s true, these weren’t my plans, I was so lost, I had nothing to dream about, all of “this” is his doing, so why worry about what is going to come, I will just be grateful, give my praise and just “believe”

So today my friends remember you have a choice, you can worry about the things you cannot change, things you cannot control or you can let it go, you can focus on the positive and forget the negative and hold on to your faith and never stop believing.

“Be the change you want to see”

“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”

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