Reconnecting with loved ones

Some times things happens, time changes, people move away, lives change and some how you lose touch with people you love.


 Over the years you think of them often, wondering where they are and how they are doing, wishing you could reconnect with them.


We are blessed to live in this age of technology where we can at a touch of a button look up people we have been thinking of.


I have always been blessed with alot of friends and all during my marriage I was cut off from almost all of them, when I got separated I got on Facebook and started to look them up and was so thrilled to find so many wonderful friends I had growing up.


I even found my first best friend,Mary who moved away when we were twelve,for all those years I searched for her, who knew she moved to the next town over and here 35 years later, I find her cousin on Facebook and we reconnect, it was incredible,we talk every week now!


But one of the best reconnection was with my cousin Carol, she was five years younger than me, she was my shadow, I was an only child and when she came along, she became my little sister I never had.


I taught her to ride a bike, to swim, to stand up and be tough. 

We would sing into our hair brushes while listening to Captain and Tenille and Barry Mantalow ( you are all laughing now because you remember doing the same thing and are too embarrassed to say it!)


My friends would say why is she here? I said cause she’s my sister , she was part of my crew like it or not, I didn’t have to bring her, I wanted to bring her with me.


We would sit up late into the night, telling each other our dreams, our fears,  our goal . We told each other our secrets, we cried in each others arms. We stuck up for each , got beatings for each other, we never would rat the other out, I even got arrested for picking her up after she ran away to another state.

I would do anything for this girl, she was my life, my blood, my little sister. 


She had a sister that was my age, but she never appreciated her, she was jealous and mean spirited and was constantly trying to get her in trouble. 


We were peanut butter and jelly, peas and rice, we were spaghetti and meatballs, we went together, we were a pair. 


She had a rough life and when she was 17, she met this boy, she thought this would be her ticket out, she married him, had a baby and moved to his country, leaving her family, her friends and me behind.


The miles and some misunderstandings made the years fly by, I kept looking for her, I Google her, I searched Facebook, I asked everyone I knew she knew. 

Your thinking why didn’t you just call her sister, duh! I did but as I said she was a bitter, petty person then and had not changed, she wouldn’t give me any information. 


When my marriage was falling apart and my mother passed away, I was in a state of depression, that is when you know your God is good because my phone rang and yup it was her!


You couldn’t imagine my joy to have found her again, even all those years felt like minutes, it was as if we talked yesterday. We have talked every week since. 


It feels like part of my heart has been returned to me, I am whole again, I have my best friend, my little sister back, I cannot tell you how grateful I am.


Don’t ever give up hope, keep looking, keep searching for that person that holds a part of your heart, it is so worth it!


Reconnect today!




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