sick faith

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Sick Faith

That’s what I call my faith “Sick faith” I called it that because my faith is so strong, nothing can shake it!

I had a lot of time this weekend while I was editing my “New York Times bestseller” to reflect over my life and my faith. I thought about it as I wrote about the time I was raped,when my dad died, when my mom had cancer, when I had to have an abortion, all within 6 months, all while I was 15,when I was at one of the lowest points in my life, when he pulled me from deaths hands as I tried to take my life.

I thought about when I was so into drugs and booze that I would wake up in my own vomit on the floor and I turned it over to him and he took it from me.

When I was dying in my marriage, when I never thought I could make it on my own, when I lost my job and he gave me my business. How my faith got me through my my dad and my best friend died in the same week and soon after my mom, my best friend, through my divorce, my getting nothing, my sick faith got me through it all!

I gave it to God and I let go , there was nothing I could do, my problems were way to big for me to handle, so I turned it over him.

He took care of it all, he gave me peace and joy, he put a calmness in my life I’ve never known.

So some of you skeptics might say “well why did he put you in those spots in the first place,it was his fault”
Look just because I am a Christian doesn’t mean you magically have no problems, no it usually means you have more, because there is always something or someone trying to test your faith.

Look I am so not perfect and I will never be but I am human, there are days when I want it faster, when I wonder didn’t I go through enough already? But then I know I have faith, I know it is coming became he said it is, I know that the things that happen are either there to test my sick faith or to teach me a lesson, that I must go through them, that my season, my best season is coming!

You might be wondering why I always refer to my book as a New York Times Bestseller because that is what is going to happen, I have no doubt, see sick faith? I know I will be writing full time because I know this is my purpose God has given me.

I have no doubts,no stress and no fear about my future I know what is coming and if its Gods will that life may throw a few more curve balls so be it, my sick faith will help me get back up, it will help dust me off and get right back to living and believing!

So today try to inspire to be a believer of sick faith, I had a great teacher, my Bishop Henry Fernandez, he has more faith than anyone I have ever met, I inspire to have his faith, until then I will work on my sick faith every day.
You can have it too, all you have to do is believe. ….

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