Sometimes life can be overwhemling

Sometimes life is overwhelming

Even though we live in a world full of technology today and so many things are so much easier than it was years ago, it has also made things harder in some ways.

Women have to be supermoms, superwives, super work force women, we have to have it all, big important jobs, perfect lives, kids in every sport and activities imaginable, we have to keep up with the Jones and we have to look like barbie at all times while doing it all.

I know how hard it is being a single mom of two girls, I own my own home and all the repairs and maintenance that goes along with it.
I work 3 jobs,
(I do professional organizing, I do hair at night and I do personal assistant work)
When ever possible, I do focus groups to make extra money.
I also do this blog on 5 different sites and on every social media site known to man, 5 days a week. I do a weekly you tube video which I have to make, edit and put out, I am at the gym 5 mornings a week at 5:30 am and I go to church 2 days a week and volunteer whenever needed.

On top of all that I writing my second book which took almost another year of my life, now comes the hard part, editing, designing the cover and self publishing with all the joys that come along with it.
Throw in there dating…if you can call it that…yugg…

Then there is life, car breaking, computer crashing, people stealing your identity, problems with your kids, clients owing you money and losing a huge chunk of income.
When life comes at you, it comes hard and fast, knocking you to your knees at times.

Dam I am tired just writing all of this! Yes, there are some days I have no idea how I do it all as I know you out there feel this as well.
We beat ourselves when we don’t get it all done, if our houses aren’t spotless, if we snap at little things because we are at wits end most of the time.
We try to be perfect, try to be superwoman when we are all just human.

So today my friends, here is my advice…let go… I’veĀ  learned to let it go, it’s okay the house wasn’t clean, it’s okay that I had a list as long as my arm of errands, that things aren’t the way you expected them to be but I chose to look at my blessings, I chose to be grateful, I chose to go spend time with people I love, life is too short, the world is not going to end if our list is not done, if there is dishes in the sink.

No, enjoy the moment, live in it, live big, live well. Laugh often, be present, enjoy and feel grateful for every second you have…it is not a guarantee that you will get another.

So take off your super person cape, throw it out the window, turn up the music, sing at the top of your lungs and smile big…believe me the dishes are not having as much fun as you are!

“Be the change you want to see”

“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”

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