Sometimes we need to let that door stay closed

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Sometimes we need to let that door stay closed.

I am a only child and for me my friendships are the family I chose for myself and I take these friendships to heart and hold them very dear to me.

I have had the same friendships since I was 5 years old and I still talk to these friends. Once your my friend, you are my friend for life, there is nothing I wouldn’t do for you, I am there through thick and thin, I have your back and will define you to the end. You never have to ask or worry about my loyalty, it will always be with you.

Through the years there were friends that were toxic and I had to let go of, friends that were too negative,  friends that I did drugs with and could no longer be in that circle, as I was trying to change my life. ..look I am being real here… sometimes you have to walk away for your own well being but there have been far and few in between that I’ve done that with.

You have to really be toxic or really hurt me to have me cut you off. I am the first one to raise my hand if I did or said something stupid and apologize for it. We might have difference of opinions, yet I still love you for you and will always be there no matter what.

So when a friend cuts me out of their life, I can’t get a grip on it, I can’t seem to let that door close, here I am banging on it over and over again asking wtf?

Did we have an argument?  No..did I say or do something so terrible that you would cut me out? I can’t figure it out but yet I am trying to bang on that door to try to fix it…

Maybe it’s not about me, maybe it’s their issue,  maybe I am just a reminder of it, maybe they shut out those closest to them, maybe they expect us to go down the same path, or believe in the same things and when we can’t, they shut the door in your face ..whatever the reason I cannot keep banging on a door that refuses to open to try to work it out…whatever “it” may be .

I try every day to uplift others, I try to be the best person I can be, the best friend I can be..but I am human and I will never be perfect…sorry,it’s just the way it is..either you can except that or you can shut that door again…
as I say every day, the choice is yours…

Just know that I am here, I will continue to be “your person, just as you will always be my person” I can’t make you be my friend as much as I would love to and miss what we had.

I will no longer bang on that door, blaming myself and demanding answers, I will take my own advice and let that door stay closed as that is your wish.

So today my friends, stop banging your head on a door that refuses to meet you in the middle, know you did all you could have, know that trying to be the best person you can be is enough for you…you can’t be everything to everyone… you can’t please everyone or make everyone happy as much as you want to…sometimes you just have to walk away with your broken heart in your hand….

“Be the change you want to see”

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