Speaking over my life


Speaking over my life

There have been many people in the last 10 years that have spoken over my life. People I knew and even people I didn’t know, who have come up to me to tell me what is going to happen, what God had in store for me.

Each time I am shocked, as if how could they know and the biggest is, why is there so many people saying the same thing to me?

I have come to realize that even when I lost my way, even when I stopped talking to God, because I thought he stopped listening, he didn’t. He had put so many women of God in my life to have them speak over me. Even when I didn’t believe, even when I told them I was good with God, I wasn’t. Even when I didn’t think they had enough prayers in the world for me, he kept them in place.
My prayer warriors, speaking his word into my ear, praying that my heart would change.

They would speak of how God had big plans for me, how one day I would be his voice, speaking to people all over the world. I would laugh, thinking yeah, right like that would ever happen but when I hit rock bottom, when I had no one else to turn to, of course it was him, I turned to.

When I started going to my church, I was lost and broken yet people would ask me to pray for them, again I laughed thinking, do you see me? I need prayers, how can I pray for you? But I did… I doubted my prayers would work for me let alone them but I did.

People would say there was an anointing over my life, and I would think ha! That’s funny, have you seen what a mess my life is?
People would say there is a light that comes from me even though I felt dead inside. So many times I thought, have these people have lost their minds? What are they seeing that I couldn’t possible see?

But when you hear it enough, you start to believe it and I thought maybe there is something to this, otherwise why would all these women who read my blog keep asking me for advise on men when clearly I am clueless. Hello! Do you see the losers I pick?

Why would so many people keep speaking this over me? Maybe these were the signs (Yes, God knows I need multiple signs, I am hard headed)
That I needed to hear, to keep me going, to open my closed mind, maybe it was all part of his plan.

I no longer dobt that there is an anointing over my life, little by little I am getting closer to what he wants from me, doors one by one have closed and others have opened that were better for me. He continues to teach me lessons, that I must learn before he reveals his big plan for me.

I have no dobt that I will be his voice, that my books will become New York Times best sellers, that I will be on the Women of Faith tour, that my blog will be international, that I will be on Oprah Super Soul Sunday and that Tyler Perry will produce my life story.

Yes, if your going to dream, Dam it, dream big!!
He is not a small God, he is a God of miracles, miracles! He can move mountains, he can part seas, he can make water into wine, there is no dream to big, there is nothing he can’t make happen, especially when there is calling over your life.

So today my friends remember yes, I know you may be thinking when is this going to happen, trust me I say it all the time. Maybe you also hear people prophesize over your life and think that can’t happen but it can and it will, trust me he hasn’t forgotten you.

Funny as I am writing this on the treadmill, I start my day listening to gospel music, and as I am writing this these songs have been playing, that have said all of these messages I am telling you…
Right now my praise leader Jonathan Nelson is singing in my ear “God hasn’t forgotten you, your miracle is released, God is bleesing, this is your moment, this is your season, you’ve been praying along time but your miracle is here”
See what did I tell you about signs… he is speaking over your life and mine.

“Be the change you want to see”

“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”

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