Stinking thinking

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Stinking thinking

I am convinced that most people’s situation in life is based in their stinking thinking.
Yes, things will happen in your  life that will suck, plain and simple but it is how you look at them, how you deal and what you say that will change your outcome.

If you walk around and say oh poor me,what else can go wrong, nothing good ever happens to me, see this always happens, yes we all know people like this, hell this could be describing you right now,be honest.

You know what? Your right nothing good will come to you, yes, other crappy things will happen because what you put out there will come back to you!
Hello! The law of attraction, The Secret, yes even in the bible it say this.

I just finished my book (look for it soon on the New York times bestseller list, see how this works?) While I was editing it I was crying, I had some horrible,  dark, knock you to your knees times in my life, yet I’ve always  had a positive attitude.

I always considered myself a survivor not a victim, I always picked myself up, dusted myself off and went on, not carrying hatred or anger, trying to learn a lesson from those dark times and to try to share with others mine and my Aunt Nancy’s favorite quote. “This too shall pass”

So here are 3 critical areas that you must invest in to change your life:

1-Your mind-

You need to get rid of those  why me, poor me, this always  happens to me. Kick that thinking to the curb

2-Your attitude –

Some of you have such bad attitudes,people don’t even want to be around you,your mean, your negative, you think your the only one things happen to.

3 – Your responses-

Yes, how do you respond when  things happen? Are you quick to yell and scream? Quick to judge or blame? Change it, speak what you want to happen, find a lesson, look for the positive.

So today my friends remember you have the power, what you think, what you put out there, what you speak.. its all in your power.

“When trouble comes your way consider it an opportunity for great joy”

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